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Prestiti Toro, Kakavu is taking up space in the C position but should improve in terms of goals

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Caccavo archives his first season as a professional: Balance sheet

Luigi Caccavo recorded his first season among the professionals. After bidding farewell to Sciorto Primavera last June, the Granata striker born in 2004 headed towards the Italian League to start a new path. Cacavo took two routes: on loan to Pergoletesi until January and then to Trento in the second half of the season.

Turin, Caccavo made his professional debut split between Pergolettese and Trento

In the first part of the season with Pergoletesi, Kakaavu made 13 appearances, where he was mainly used as a central striker or as a second striker. Only for a short period between September and October did the Granata striker find ownership, instead having to accept contributions from the bench in the remaining months. In total, he played 608 minutes, without registering any goals or assists. In January, Cacavo was called back to the base and was transferred to Trento, a team that plays in Group A in Serie C, like Pergoletese. In his new experience, the Granata striker found more continuity in his rotations, as he participated in 10 matches, 7 of them as a starter, with a total of 505 playing minutes, but still without a goal to his credit. With Trento, Cacavo reached the Serie A qualifiers, for which he was welcomed after the match against Atalanta U23.

Torino, Caccavu is carving out his own space in Serie A but must improve in terms of goals and assists.

Although he was not among the regulars for Pergoletis and Trento, Caccavo was able to carve out his own place in Serie A in his first season as a professional making 24 appearances in total. A positive starting point for the Granata striker in a season that still has some difficulties, as often happens in his first match as a professional. This can be seen mainly in light of the goals scored, which remain at zero. It is certainly still too early to think about the future at Toru, and Kakafu needs to gradually gain experience and grow. Logic would seem to point to another experiment in Serie A to find more confidence and growth in terms of goals and assists.

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