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Press Club, Science and Technology Applied to the World of Production – PORDENONEOGGI.IT

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PORDENONE – Tuesday 24 May, the third and final congress of the fourth edition of the “Futuro Contemporaneo”, organized by Circolo della Stampa of Pordenone. The meeting, which will also be valid as a training course for journalists, is dedicated to the topic “Sciences applied to technologies and business. Experiences from the scientific world and from the world of researchers and producers. Information certification”.

The event is scheduled to take place at 9, in Palazzo Klefisch, on Via della Motta, in Pordenone, sponsored by Confindustria Alto Adriatico, Confartigianato Pordenone, Alto Adriatico Technological Pole, Order of Journalists and Assostampa del Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Target. Demonstrate – through analysis and practical and critical findings – some novelties in science and technology, regarding a rapidly changing society thanks to progress due to human intelligence and its aspirations. All this in relation to society, culture and information. A special reference to the Pordenone region, where the forms of scientific excellence applied to the world of production are highlighted.

The intent of Circolo della Stampa is to open a direction that can also characterize the “Contemporary Future” in the coming years with interest in research and its application with direct participation of researchers, entrepreneurs and information representative organizations, partner since first edition.

This year’s event was also related to the future that already exists in the information field, a private production sector, including new technologies, the publishing crisis, the impact of social media and press systems, a very topical topic developed at the April meetings. May 5 and 9. This analysis included the contribution of journalistic competitions to the world of “good journalism”, with special reference to the “Simona Cigana Award”, the Circolo della Stampa of Pordenone competition, now in its thirteenth edition, which will end on 30 June. next one.

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