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Distorted government priorities ‘blind belief in science enslaves society’

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L ‘Who is the Announced 2 years ago health emergency international with The majority of Vote against (six doubled and four doubled in favor), and today we’re still paying the consequences: “Rhetoric escapes completely from the natural meaning of things, we are faced with a conflict of interest problem and it would be so for people to perceive it because in institutional Everything is orderly and natural. In the scale representing the ethics of things, there is usually a conflict of interest or profit. Therefore, the more weight (and thus conflict of interest) the weight of profit, the lower the morality applied in this case to what we think.

We got to the point that we have the regulatory bodies recommending vaccination during pregnancy, the drug company tells you we don’t have the data (neither the efficacy nor the safety)”. Thus, Dr. intervenes. Giovanni Fragues Live on our microphones. The regulatory agencies, From the strict controls of health interventions, what have you become today? What role did they play within the mandatory/non-compulsory vaccination dynamic? “The body of mine is only valid for women who want an abortion and not for those who want to choose whether or not to get vaccinated? Do you believe a story or not? Or if you prefer therapeutic approaches and/or lifestyles different from those suggested?”.

What our democracy has always been based on, the respect and development of the person, is today mistaken for something else. In general we talk about the concept individualWhat has Italian history raised at the institutional and cultural level, which Fries analyzes in detail: “What many people would like to do in ordinary life is to give up their reasoning and reasoning ability to a government that acts as their father and in any case they should choose, in their theoretical interest, the best path of society. Indeed, what we witness is exactly the following: in a manner already used in Russia and in all dictatorships of the communist type, the sense of group in the collective imagination is more important than the individual in freedom of choice.The real problem is that our democracy is not based on the concept of collectivism, we are not social insects like bees and ants but we have created individuals of individuals with certain characteristics.

In Italy it is difficult for a concept of this kind to suit everyone. he is Objective fact in history: When there is a person who takes care of the interest of the community, and if that person has some conflict of interest, then the interest of the community becomes something that can be exploited for the benefit of the individual or for the benefit of others. I hope we will understand from this Czech belief in a science that is no longer a science (in a tyrannical way like WHO) that the responsibility for one’s life should be understood individually and not collectively as slaves”.

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