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Awakening will be removed from PS5 and Xbox Series X stores in a few days – Nerd4.life

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The Matrix: Awakening For PS5 and Xbox Series X | S. Removal From PlayStation Store and Xbox Store in a few days. In fact, only technical demo will be available Until Saturday 9th July.

The news comes directly from the official website of Unreal Engine, from which we learned that after that date it will not be possible to download the demo even through the history of purchased / installed applications.

Didn’t you explore the Matrix, Awakening: Experience Unreal Engine 5? Still time! The Unreal Engine 5 tech demo will be available in stores until July 9. Download before that date and you’ll still be able to access it in the future or re-download it if you’ve deleted it from your console.”

Epic Games hasn’t officially explained the reasons for its decision to remove the demo from PlayStation and Xbox Store, but we assume it’s related to the Matrix license.

Awakening Matrix

The Matrix: The Awakening released for PS5 and Xbox Series X | S late last year, during The Game Awards 2021. It’s a technology show designed to showcase the power of the Unreal Engine 5 designed in collaboration with Lana Wachowski, Matrix co-founder Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Ann Moss, representatives of Neo and Trinity. You can download Matrix: The Awakening from over here for PS5 and from over here For Xbox Series X | S.

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