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Poste Italiane offers a world of opportunity: you won’t believe it

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Over time they turned into a real company. Privatization has changed the face of Poste Italiane. Let’s find out how.

Italian Post manpower renewal It aims to reach 25,000 employees by 2024.

Poste Italiane opens to new employees

The industrial plan launched by the group last year states change generations of the workforce andIntroducing new resources To ensure employee turnover.

Here is all the information about Poste Italiane jobs that will be covered, the numbers required and how to apply.

ISEE 2022, Application Guide with Poste Italiane: The Free and Fast Procedure

Poste Italiane’s new strategic plan

In fact, in March of last year, the CEO of Poste Italiane said, Matthew Del FanteThe Sustainability and Innovation Program 2024 introduced the group’s new strategic plan, which aims to continue the growth targets projected by the previous industrial plan, Deliver22. Based on the success of the latter, in fact, the company has planned new investments To develop all business sectors. The planned interventions will allow to increase revenue, increase cost regulation, and implement the postal, parcel, payments and mobile sectors, as well as financial and insurance services. They will also allow you to introduce new products and services, and make an offer
Broadband connectivity and entry into the energy market. Furthermore, with a view to environmental sustainability, the plan aims to make Poste Italiane a net-emissions-free company by 2030.

These are important and challenging goals, and to achieve them Poste Italiane will continue to do so Investing in human resourcesessential to the success of the company. So part of the planned investments will be used Increase workforcehiring new employees, and exercise from Staff.

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Jobs chances

They are okay 25,000 jobs Poste Italiane will be covered by 2024. The 2024 Sustainability and Innovation Plan states that 25% regeneration of the workforce, so the generational turnover also allows for the introduction of new professional skills in the company. Rotation will be guaranteed with an escort toVoluntary departure of employees near retirement and hiring new resources with useful skills to support company development projects.

Last year alone, Poste hired about 3,400 new employees, and this year the goal is to recruit more resources to hire in different areas. Refers to stable entrieswith permanent contracts.

Poste Italiane looks to the future: the numbers needed

New employees of Poste Italiane will take care of various profiles. The recruitment program will aim to hire new numbers To strengthen the post office network through recruitment financial advisorsand the entry employees for sectors Delivery and sortingincluding postmen, and to regions Finance, Insurance and Energy.

Among the figures of greatest interest to the group are the financial advisors who, between now and 2024, will rise from 8000 to 10,000, with 2000 units increase. To recruit these numbers, Poste Italiane will follow two channels: the selection of foreign resources and the promotion of internal resources through specific paths. Thanks to the new additions, it will be possible to reach the renewal of 25% of the workers foreseen by the plan.

Training and growth paths

The group’s planned replenishment of human resources includes, in addition to new hires, Rehabilitation and conversion from Staff. To this end, 25 million training hours are planned by 2024, to be delivered through the Corporate University, with support from the Open Learning District and the Library. The courses are not only concerned with the technical field and new technologies, but will also be concerned with basic skills.

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Poste Italiane, exceptional discounts until February 28, farewell to the waiting list at the branch

Mentoring and coaching: what does it mean

Poste Italiane’s goals for human capital development also include the increase in Orientation and Training Courses Business. This will allow to contribute to the development of employees’ skills and facilitate the exchange of knowledge between different generations of employees. In fact, it must be taken into account that more than 120,000 people work in post offices, with an average age of just over 49 years, 21% of them are under 40 and 55% are women. So it’s a very diverse context, also from a generational point of view.

Furthermore, mentoring activities have proven effective in managing situations of organizational complexity already in the midst of a pandemic. Thus, the goal of the business is to obtain 230 internal guidesWho will be able to prepare twice as many students. Participation in these courses is voluntary, and those who wish, after attending a training course, can play this role.

Poste Italiane, 2022 employees: let’s explore the Work With Us section

Poste Italiane: a rapidly expanding group

We remind you that Poste Italiane SpA is an Italian company dealing with postal, banking, financial and communication services, public communications, collection and payment operations, and the collection of postal savings. 29.3% belong to the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), 35% to Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (CDP), and the remaining shares to institutional and individual investors. Since 2015 it has been included in Milan Stock Exchange. Poste Italiane has more than 12,700 post offices across the country and employs approximately 125,000 employees.

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