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Possible formations for Spezia-Hellas Verona: space for Tameze and Duda, with Doig on the left

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Below are the latest from the fields on Spezia Veronacollected by TMW reporters:

▪ Spezia-Verona – Sunday 5 March 12.30
▪ Live broadcasts from DAZN and Sky

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How do you get the spices?
A decisive clash to save Leonardo Simplici Spezia, who hosts Verona in the climax after a draw in Udine. For the new coach from La Spezia, there should be many assurances: compared to the team that took to the pitch at the Dacia Arena, there should be no news. With Nezola leading the attack, there will be Giasi and Verdi to support him on the flanks, along with Agudelo on the puncture. In the midfield, there is still a chance for the Bourabia-Ekdal pair, as Esposito and the returning Zorkowski prepare to provide their support in the second half, while in defense there are still full-backs Amiens and Rika, as the center backs Ampadu and Nicolau face each other. Dragovsky.

How to get to Verona
Some changes are expected regarding the match against Fiorentina, but the date does not fail and there will be no disruptions. Magnani and Dawidowicz again start on pole to join Hien in the trio: Coppola will try to the end to win the starting jersey, while Ceccherini, barring surprises, will remain in the pit. Faraone is traveling towards reaffirmation after his return as owner on Monday: together with him, in midfield, there is space for Tamayez, Duda, and Doig on the left lane. Adolfo Gaich could return to attacking position, with Ngonge and Lazovic vying behind him for the trocar.

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