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Pope: “There is no place in the Church for the mafia to kill the future”

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“We must not descend from sin into corruption. Never! In the Church, as in politics and in society in general, we must always guard against the grave danger of corruption.” Pope Francis says so Interview On Fatto Quotidiano, in the ten years of his pontificate.


He adds, “It is very difficult for a corrupt person to return: a bribe today and tomorrow. This is why the mafia is kicked out: their hands are covered in bloody money. They deal in guns and drugs. They kill the youth and the society. They are killing the future. We must be clear: the mafia has no place in the Church! Blessed Pino Puglisi and Rosario Levatino did not reconcile with the mafia and therefore paid with their lives ».

Peace in Ukraine

“Peace in stricken Ukraine and in all other countries suffering from the horror of war which is always a defeat for all, for all.” This is the wish of the future pope in the interview with Fatto Quotidiano. He adds: «War is absurd and cruel – it is a company that does not know a crisis even during a pandemic: the arms factory. Working for peace means not investing in these death factories. It pains me to think that if weapons are not made for a year, world hunger will end because weapons are the largest industry on the planet. Last December 8, I cried thinking about the tragedy that the Ukrainian people are going through in the Plaza de España. Already more than a year has passed since the start of the war in Ukraine ».

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The globalization of indifference

He adds: «In February, I was in Africa, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and South Sudan, and I saw the horrors of the conflicts in these two countries with the mutilation of people. The only thing that makes me suffer so much is the globalization of apathy, turning away and saying: “What do I care? I don’t care! It’s not my problem!”.

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