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“I expect Montebello is closed in defence” –

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The third Serie A1 match you’ll be watching is approaching Ingas committed Hockey Vercelli, while still at home, with Montebello.

nerogialloverdi coach, Serge PonsetHe shares his views on the Saturday commitment starting at 8.45 p.m.: I expect a difficult confrontation in Montebello in defense. We know he has a great goalkeeper and we saw that Follonica, moreover at home, struggled to win 4-2 with them: it was a very difficult match. We will have to try to find calm and patience in the attack So as not to lose your head and not to repeat what happened in the preliminary tournament for the new season. It will also be important to find strength in defense to recover the ball well and quickly and play our game. It won’t be easy because I expect our opponents to step back and defend their goal.” The coach continues to reflect on what season he will be on and on the need to make good use of what he experienced in pre-season at the Paolo Torazo Memorial Tournament when HV lost 1-6 against Venice: “Even if they are Montebello and we are Hockey Vercelli and we make good purchases in the transfer market, It will be hard to win any game this year in A1: Regardless of the team name, The level during the season, in the long run, will equalize This means that we must always be prepared. In the pre-season there were tests and we weren’t even at 30%; Even today we are not 100% of the potential we want to express as a team because we have only played two league games and with six new players on the squad we have been working together for less than two months. We are not the team we want to be yet, but it is clear that we must not repeat the mistakes we made in that tournament, which we take as a reference.. Then we saw how Montebello played Folonica, we know he’d sell his skin dearly here with us. We are ready to put our goals on the right track too because we are at home: we want to have a good game to win the three points and stay top of the table. around the house, I thank the fans who came to the stadium last Saturday and who put in a great show.” An important point is the availability of a full crew: We are all here at lastThe way things are, I don’t think I’ll lose anyone by Saturday. Neves (a blow to the hand with Follonica) and Oruste in place: So we have the entire team at our disposal and hopefully we can make a more beautiful show for our audience.”

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Let’s move now to Maxi Orost Who, after injuring his nose in the first minutes of the match against Grosseto on the first day, will be back on track: Yes, I’m ready to play and I really want to be on the right track. I started training shortly after my teammates due to a small problem which is now resolved. I had the misfortune that they broke my nose in the first league game, but now I’m ready for Saturday. We prepared the match very well during the week and are more than ready to face it.” The Spaniard recounts the feelings about his team that he was able to notice while being forced to the bench:They made a good impression on me. My teammates are giving everything on the right track for the result. With Follonica they played very well and I put everything I could on the outside, charge them, try to motivate them, but I would have loved to be on the inside and play with them. I’ve seen how long it took and not only did I like this very much, but it also hit me.” There is still room for Maxi to evaluate Italian hockey: Compared to the Spanish game, I can say that the game is more direct, but I still couldn’t play for real, given the injury I had in the first seconds of the match against Grosseto. I can only repeat that I really want to play with my teammates.”

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