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The war between Russia and Ukraine, what is Swedish neutrality and how does Austrian neutrality work

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The Austria ‘model’ or that Swedishconstitutional or traditional. Neutrality remains one of the most common arguments it raises flies During negotiation talks withUkraine. Two types that have been rejected so far before Kyiv. Vienna and Stockholm have come to choose neutrality Through very different paths. The Austrian selection was born from a political settlement: Vienna got rid of its occupation United States of AmericaAnd the Great BritainAnd the France And the USSR after World War II Thanks to the signing of the State Treaty on May 15, 1955 by the occupying Powers.

A month earlier, the Soviets asked Vienna to sign for Moscow note In order to prevent you from joining Boy After the withdrawal of the occupation forces: a similar path he might imagine Russian President Vladimir Putin The Russian delegation put it on the table. there declaration of neutrality Daughter of a constitutional law Parliament Vienna, which has no legal basis in an international agreement – which definespermanent commitment To stay away from any dispute and not be bound by it military alliances Not hosting on the national territory foreign military bases.

On the other hand, Sweden, when World War II broke out, has been neutral for more than a century since the end of World War II. Napoleonic WarsAnd he did not participate in the war, even if, in the first stage, some logistical facilities were granted Germany And then, starting from 1944ai allies. The position was reaffirmed in 1949 when Stockholm refused to join NATO. according to International lawSweden has committed to one “traditional neutrality” Hence the lack of permanent neutrality.

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as a member ofEuropean Union It is among the promoters of intensification community policy Swedish Defense and Security Forces – along with Finnish, Norwegian, Estonian and Irish forces – participate in North Battalion. From 2015As a result of Russian military activity, military spending has been increased and the defense of the strategy has been strengthened Gotland Island, in the Baltic Sea. When Putin startedInvade Ukraine has resumed discussion about joining the alliance in Sweden, after sending arms in Kyiv.

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