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Pocket Avenger, here are the prices and range

Pocket Avenger, here are the prices and range

gasoline or battery – Small (408 cm) and captivating SUV Jeep Avengerbookable from November 2022, in rich launch editions 1st edition limited edition. the prices: 26,900 euros for a 101-horsepower 1.2 turbo petrol three-cylinder with manual gearbox (in dealerships in February) and 39,500 euros for electricity (here first contact), and arrived a few weeks later with 156 horsepower and 400 km of declared range. Now, prices and equipment for other versions have been announced, and they are always offered with the engines of the first version; By the end of 2023, the emergence of4×4 electric (do you see here prototype), and we’re also expecting a 1.2 mild hybrid with a seven-speed dual-clutch robotic gearbox.

Electricity from 35,400 euros – Just for battery version there is a settingBasisIn any case, she is not naked. In th 35,400 euros The price list includes a single-zone automatic “climate”, four electric windows and a multimedia system connected to a 10.25-inch screen. Present, among the driving aids, are cruise control, automatic emergency braking that also detects pedestrians and cyclists, lane keeping, collision warning and road sign display in the dashboard (which has a 7-inch center display. Whether it’s a car Jeep, albeit front-wheel drive, visible from the specific driving modes also selectable for off-road use and the speed limiter on steep slopes: useful tools on surfaces with little grip. Wheels in 16-inch steel, LED headlights and fender inserts in gray .

1.2 from 23,300 euros – the longitude electric (for 2,500 euros more, 37,900 euros In total) it adds alloy wheels (always 16 inches), body-colored handles, detachable rear-view mirrors, an audio system with six speakers instead of four, and adjustable rear parking sensors. Range 1.2 petrol starts with lon: price 23,300 euroswith the same gift as the electric if we exclude the “climate” (which is manual).

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Equipment goes up with height – The next level isHeight: they serve 25,300 euros for 1.2 e 39,900 euros for electricity. For an extra 2000 euros you get a lot. Aesthetic touches benefit from 17-inch rims, metallic gray inserts in the fascias and gloss black mirror caps. Keyless unlocking (electric only) and a motorized tailgate are a nice touch of added practicality, and inside are the 10.25-inch all-digital dashboard, two rear USB-C sockets for recharging smartphones and eco-leather and fabric-covered seats (the latter material also covers the edge of the car). Steering wheel). The accessories on the dashboard simulate aluminum. Also standard is adaptive cruise control, which adjusts speed based on traffic ahead, and earns 1.2 automatic “climate”.

top “exaggeration” – called the most luxurious version summit (the name already approved by the manufacturer of the Grand Cherokee) and implies an increase in the list price of 3,000 euros: we are in 28,300 euros For a three-cylinder ea 42,900 euros for the battery. Here really is everything you can expect in a car of this type. Outside, the Summit stands out for its 18-inch trim, darkened rear windows and partly diamond-cut and partly black LED headlights (fog lights, again with diodes, and automatic high beams are also added); The rear-view mirrors fold electrically and each has an LED light that illuminates the ground near the door. In the passenger compartment, activated by a yellow insert on the dashboard, we find ambient lights in different colors to choose from, a folding “tablet-type” hood for the cabin in the console (only for the electric version), the windshield and heated front seats and the wireless charging pad For smartphones, the center mirror is frameless and self-dimming. The 1.2 also has an electronic key as standard, for automatic opening and closing of the doors and button-operated engine start. The technological equipment is very rich: distance sensors throughout the car, a wide-angle rear view camera, rear blind spot sensors. Then lane centering, which in the electric version, together with cruise control that goes as far as stopping the car, ensures semi-autonomous driving of the second level.

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