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“But the hockey rink will only be used for youth activities

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Different feelings ran at the end of yesterday morning’s appointment, organized by the municipality of Modena, which wanted to clarify the progress of the redevelopment work on the historic wings A and B of PalaMolza, an undeniably historic property, but which has been around for almost five years and is no longer accessible to Modena firms. On the one hand, the undeniable satisfaction of Mayor Mozzarelli and Councilor Paracci, of the approaching completion of the works on Suite B, which is equipped with a beautiful new wooden ceiling, and a splendid taraflex floor, all openly oriented towards handball activities, which will be completed with stands, which “Modena is finally providing a handball facility in Serie A, where a volleyball court has also been built, which can be used as needed,” says council member Paracci. On the other hand, not much has been done for the historic Pavilion A (pictured), the first covered track in Italy “where a redesign was carried out above all – explains the mayor – with the aim of preserving the structure, preserving its features that cannot be Its denial is significant and historical: parts of the roof that have been damaged over time will be replaced, the lighting system will be implemented and obviously the side stand will be repositioned, plus the stand will be completely repainted, but it’s actually a piece of Modena’s sporting history, and how we wanted to keep it that way.” Is it then possible that he should be named after Aldo Baraldi, as is also called for in these columns? “It’s possible,” Mozzarelli concludes, after a nod of affirmation from Parachi who explains: “We’ve already spoken to the family, basically getting their agreement, even if there is a procedure to follow.” Discomfort remains for the work evidently half done, for those who expected the hockey facility to be refurbished were disappointed, as the rink was not rebuilt, but only washed, though twenty years old, in a precarious condition: In essence, there would be nothing to do but youth activities, without Modena Hockey being able to hope to bring you an A1: “In fact, Modena already has an A1 facility – explains councilor Grazia Paracci – a PalaMadiba, a facility that can to be approved by the union. “Indeed, the hope of Amatori 1945 – answers Gianluigi Moncaleri, President of the Gialloblù Association – will be able to return to the PalaRoller della Sacca, the only city facility really suitable for the A1 series: PalaMadiba has a lot of technical problems (too large track, stands with poor visibility, public order , with a single entry), to obtain federal approval, and I am convinced that with the help of the municipality, an agreement can be reached with Polisportiva Sacca, while we are in PalaMolza, which may be called Aldo Baraldi, we will be able to start again with youth activity, in collaboration with Avia Pervia Hockey”.

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