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Plot, curiosity, and preacher for the film with Omar C

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Omar Sy is the protagonist of a delicate, dramatic, and profound film: All there is to know about Family, all of a sudden.

Perhaps he knew the youngest Omar C Just when the beautiful first season of Lupine was uploaded to Netflix. However, the French actor has been an international star for years, ever since Intouchables debuted in cinemas around the world, leaving a deep imprint in the soul of anyone who had the patience to watch it without being judged. a priori.

Here in Italy, in fact, there is a bias in French cinema. Prejudice, despite the rivalry between our two countries, does not make sense to exist. Not only is the French film school the first in the world, but it is also the school that changed the way we understand films for the first time Mysterious Novella cinematic avant-garde inspired by Italian realism, of which we are rightly proud.

Our film schools have always looked at each other with interest and affection, and perhaps today we should look at French cinema with interest to offer our audience comedy that is able to touch the important strings, but not necessarily touch the drama.

tangible It succeeds in the difficult task of being a dramatic film, capable of movement and making people reflect, but at the same time it has the merit of telling the tragedy of disability with a lightness and humor that is never offensive, and never comes out of place. It’s a clever, deep, and technically perfect movie, well represented and accompanied by a top-notch soundtrack.

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Surprised family: Omar Si is the star of a current and influential drama

In recent years, Omar Sy has starred in several films, but if you want to see something that reaches the emotional levels of the film that made him famous all over the world, then suddenly family is what suits your tastes. Once again, the French actor finds himself in a recent story, intended to highlight an increasingly prevalent social problem today: the management of a child by a single parent.

The plot is not original. Samuel He is a reckless bachelor, a man who does not intend to mature and take responsibility on his shoulders. There are no stable jobs, no stable relationships, only fun, casual evenings and relationships. His life changes when Kristen knocks on his door and tells him he has a daughter: Glory. The woman has no intention of taking care of the child and invites him to take on his responsibilities.

In short, the plot that we’ve seen a lot now, especially in American comedies, but in this case told in a different way. The film manages to weave the right mix of touching moments, hilarious scenes, and powerful drama. The rest of the plot follows the canvases of this genre, but in the end it also introduces some twists that manage to change the viewer’s perception of the entire story.

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