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Palermo, the junta of La Gala is slipping again: the excluded parties are asking for space. Mayor’s Ultimatum: “Wednesday Summary”

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black smoke The majority summit convened by the mayor of Palermo, Roberto Lagala, to deliver the names of the new executive, froze the appointments. Udc, We are with Italy by Saverio Romano and the autonomy of Totò Lentini insist on having representation in the council: “Together we count 30 percent of the result of the coalition – says Lentini – or we will go together or we will also divide in opinion the regional and national teams”.

Junta Lagalla is born: the deputy mayor will be Varchi, trade to cuffariani

by Sarah Scaravia

Lagala listens and takes some time: He will hold a new summit, perhaps on Monday, when 36 days have passed since the election. In the meantime, appointments remain on hold. At least until next week.

The meeting was attended by Melonian Carolina Varchi, with Giampiero Cannella. Varchi will be deputy mayor. Also in attendance were Forza Italia, La Liga and Renziani. Lagala delivered an ultimatum to the parties: “Palermo urgently needs a team that can tackle the serious problems plaguing it. Citizens expect effective and timely answers. In any case, I do not intend to go beyond the middle of next week for the official presentation of the junta. Until that Then I will continue to face the many problems of Palermo personally, as I have done since my inauguration, while respecting the many and legitimate expectations of the citizens.”

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