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Arma Reforger has revealed a leak that it will be an Xbox exclusive –

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Weapon Reforger Detected by Leaking: This is the new chapter in the Bohemia Interactive war shooter series, and it is clear that it will be available in Time Exclusive above X-Box But it will also land on PC and PlayStation.

Bohemia Interactive will officially unveil Arma Reforged on May 17, but the game’s demo document has been leaked online predicting the timing of the event. a statement. Currently, the development team has not commented on this material leak.

Set on Efron Island, Arma Reforger’s 1989 variant is Cold War inspired. Overall, this is an experiment aimed at bringing the traditional mechanics of the franchise to consoles, which the Czech studio wanted to create while waiting 4 . weapon.

Arma Reforger, stolen artwork and logo

The game will focus on multiplayer But it will use a premium format, so It won’t be free to play. It will include future monetization mechanisms but there will be no microtransactions or DLCs.

With a map From 52 square kilometers, Arma Reforger will engage us in spectacular battles on a large scale with three factions, six vehicles (and 18 different types), fifteen weapons and thirteen character classes.

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