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LG, the 43-inch 4K Smart TV Offered at a Price Like Never Before

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The Televisions With 43 inch screen They are among the most sought after: they are the perfect size to ensure excellent visibility of the contents and they are also compact enough to perfectly fit into small space living rooms. That’s why I’m also between Best sellers On e-commerce platforms and finding the right offer is never easy. Today, however, there is one of those on Amazon Promotions to be captured on the fly: small LG 43-inch Smart TV with 4K screen is available for 345 euros, which is the lowest price ever. The product page is displayed 23% off, but it is actually much higher. In fact, the TV list price is 599 euros and it is real discount 43%. Practically you pay nearly half for it.

The LG 43UP75006LF Smart TV It’s complete from every point of view: it has a 4K UHD LED panel, it has the latest generation of processors, it has modes that adapt to the type of content, and above all, it has an entertainment platform full of apps. order more than one Smart TV under 350 euros It’s really hard. In addition, it can also be controlled using voice commands thanks to compatibility with Google Assistant and Alexa. Amazon also offers an option Pay it in installments without interestat no cost to investigate this practice.

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LG 43UP75006LF Smart TV: Technical Sheet

The LG Smart TV It has become synonymous with reliability and premium quality. The South Korean company in recent years has become one of the leading companies and a reference point. The reason is very simple: Smart TV like LG 43UP75006LF They are awesome and Its cost was much lower than the competition.

Today’s smart TV has one 43 inch LED screen 4K UHD. The colors are vivid and add to the realism of the images. Merit is not only from the plate, but also from Quad Core 4K Processor and HDR compatibility. The processor removes noise in images and creates sharper contrasts. Moreover, thanks to the upgrade, any content is displayed in 4K resolution, even non-native ones.

One of the strengths of LG 43UP75006LF Smart TV It is also the presence of artificial intelligence, which interferes with both brightness and sound. there AI technology for brightness It directly intervenes in the brightness thanks to a sensor that measures the ambient light and automatically adapts the images. On the other hand, AI Sound technology improves frequency, effects, and sounds based on the type of content.

Excellent too entertainment platform. On the TV we find a file webOS 6.0 and the AI ThinQ . platform Which makes it easier to install apps (there are many of them, including all the most important apps for watching movies, TV series and sports) and manage your favorite content. It is also compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant to control it using your voice directly.

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Finally, we also find dedicated modes specifically designed to better watch movies, TV series and sports. Just activate it and the Smart TV will automatically change the audio and video settings to suit the content.

LG 43UP75006LF Smart TV In Low Price Ever: Price and Discount

a Super Promo for Smart TV With really cool features. Today we find LG TV 43UP75006LF at Offered on Amazon at €345with one 43% off the list price. The Net savings over 250€. The e-commerce platform also allows you to buy smart TVs at zero interest rates: 5 monthly installments of 69 euros. The TV is sold and shipped directly from Amazon and delivers to Prime customers free and fast. There are 30 days for testing and back.

LG 43 Smart TV

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