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Plane hit by 3 bullets while landing: passenger injured –

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From Leonard Burberry

Happened in Burma for the ATR 72: 63 passengers were on board when the plane was hit three times while landing. Accusations between the government and the rebels

A plane carrying 63 passengers was shot several times as it prepared to land in Myanmar. Three bullets penetrated the fuselage and one hit the cheek of a passenger who was injured in this way. The accident occurred in the morning of September 30 on Myanmar National Airlines flight UB149 Naypyidaw-Loikaw-Yangon at the time of landing in Loikaw, the capital of Kayah State.


It was not clear who fired and what type of weapon was used. The Atr 72 – a domestic transport aircraft – was approaching runway 19 at Burma airport when it was about 3,330 meters off the asphalt, and while advancing at an altitude of 183 metres, it hit three times. The young man – as shown in photos taken by those on board – was hit in the right cheek as the plane landed without further problems. The government blames local militias, but there is no confirmation. The courier He contacted the company for more details but had not received a response at the time the article was published.


According to the Aviation Safety Network, there have been 103 plane crashes in Myanmar since 1919, killing at least 1,099 people. In the latest inspection by Icao – the UN’s civil aviation agency in 2020 – the country appears to be below the world average in terms of physical legislation, flight licensing, accident investigations and airport facility.

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