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“Since then I have always checked the guns in place”

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distanceAccident on rust setIt was inevitable to think of a past tragedy very similar to that which occurred last month, Brandon Lee dies on set from Il Corvo. currently George Clooney, a great friend of Lee, wanted to be remembered talking about safety on the set.

I’ve been working on sets for 40 years [cinematografici e televisivi], and the person who hands you the gun, who is in charge of it, is always the gun or props officer. PointThe actor said during the WTF with the Marc Maron podcast.

I was friends with an actor named John-Erik Hexum, who accidentally shot him in the head with an empty gun, then died. And I was a great friend of Brandon LeeThen he added, recalling Lee’s tragic death a week before The Crow ends, which occurred in circumstances similar to those encountered in the Rust group”My cousin Miguel Ferrer was supposed to be his best man at the wedding the following week (posthumously). Brandon and I played soccer and met up at the Hollywood YMCA three days a week. We were friends, and this was supposed to be the turn of life for him

Now, whenever they hand me a weapon in place, I always checkLook at it, open it. I show it to the person I’m going to target, and show it to the crew. After each scene, when you are done, you have to return it to the Weapons Officer. You always do, and that’s partly what happened to Brandon. Everyone does it. Everyone knows they have to, and I hope Alec has done it too, and I really hope so“Also, considering what has been leaked so far regarding the recent events on the Rost series’ website,” he added.It’s crazy that he got to the point where he skimps on these things… Now, I definitely don’t want to say that was intentional. It was a terrible accident. But maybe a 24-year-old with so little experience shouldn’t be the head of the Weaponry Division“.

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