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Pistoia Hockey Club, U-16 team ready to start the season

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The youth team of the Pistoia Hockey Club is included in a tough group with Pisa and Genoa

seasonoutdoor hockey Starts again Sunday, March 6th in Montana with Orange YouthUnder 16 years old It was entered into a very difficult group: Cos of Pisaalways present and a highly respected team, two formations ofGenoa Hockey Club 1980. This company has been running an excellent youth development program for years that has been paying off. The Ligurian club won the Italian title in indoor hockey a month ago, scoring surprising goals even for the titled teams, thus bringing a group of athletes to the hockey field that, although divided into two teams, has technical standards.

Show oranges in the indoor season technical growth Undermining passage to the finals at Cus Pisa who, for the time being, showed more conviction in her own means. The Coach Vittori In addition to working on this aspect, try to consolidate the improvements shown by the Orange Juniors to better prepare them for this challenging tournament. It will be important with Genoa to remain focused, humble and sacrifice to face the Ligurians, and take advantage of any opportunities that may arise in the race. While on Sunday the 13th the boys will be in Genoa for the return matches in Genoa while the turn comes A2 . team For the first time against the gun grantorto.

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