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Pissarro Calcio, equal to salvation, condemned Firmino with his own goal

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Football: Gregory, Cecchini, Barbieri (7′ Saint Virage), Gambelli (40′ Saint Bellucci), Pangrazzi, Boccoletti, Pavoni (25′ Saint Pozzozo), Ugoccione (30′ Saint Zaccarelli), Procaccini, Conte (38 feet from the mountain)), Dionysus. Del Monte flocks.

Firmino: De Lorenzi, Zazzeroni, Barzotti, Barca inn, Rossi, Mazanti, Ndug, Sarot (47′ Roman Street), Azalian (39′ Xherrai Street), De Santis (25′ Guidi Street), De Bartoli (20′ Boat Street) F.). Dominican flocks.

Referee: Mancini of Ancona.

Goals: 2′ st, 8′ s Azalian, 30′ st Dionisi, penalty, 51′ st Mazzanti, goal kick. Notes: 47′ Zacharel, Gidi, and Azalian are sent off.

In the “Supplementare”, the final chapter of the 20212022 season was held with Pesaro Calcio and Fermignano who will play in the first category in this unique match. In the first half, it is the hosts who keep the match with the guests who keep a good guard, and in half an hour Procaccini goes to the shot, with the crossbar. Payback: After only 2′ by Azalian in central defense in the area gives his team the advantage. After ten minutes, the azalea doubles. At 15′ Virag fell in the area, the referee whistled the penalty kick which Virag went to send but De Lorenzi refused, on Virag rebounding again but the visiting goalkeeper skips and sends the ball to the corner. A few minutes later there was another miracle by De Lorenzi who took the ball out of the intersection with a Pozzozzo shot. In half an hour Viraj is distributed again in the area, the second penalty kick, Dionysi shows who turns. At 5′ of recoveries, Pesaro Calcio found the equalizer when developing a corner kick, and Mazzanti scored an own goal.

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We go into overtime but the score does not change and thanks to the best position in the standings, Pesaro Calcio has come to salvation.

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