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Pininfarina, the ad upsets the motor world: they’ll make less than a hundred

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The world-famous Italian designer Pininfarina has stunned everyone: the announcement has been confirmed by several sources and leaves no doubt for enthusiasts who have little time to grab this invention.

From cars to something Very strange: It seems that Tricolor bodywork Pininfarina isn’t content with “only” producing absurdly designed supercars and production cars that will be remembered for decades. The Italian designer’s latest move onto the market is sparking a lot of discussion: Do you want one of those? Well, get ready to pay your best euros next!

Changes in the air (

Incredible story

It was founded in 1930, when the car finally began to appear Deal For entrepreneurs and the most used asset for ordinary citizens, the historic Pininfarina is one of the most important Italian companies in the automotive sector and, together with the new Bertone, Giugiaro and Italdesign, one of the “most important” names in the automotive design sector.

The house works for ninety-two consecutive years In a market so competitive it is useless to remember how many cars were born from the pencil of Battista “Pinin” Farina and his countless collaborators who over the decades indulged in the color palette to create some of Italy’s most iconic cars. Among them, we remember the Ferrari 458 Italia with its magnificent “civitar” design, the Alfa Romeo Spider and also the competitive Fiat 124 that raced Also in WRC in reassuring times.

Nader Canfa 28_11_2022
An unmistakable Ferrari 458 Italia on the road (

The ad freaks out the fans

Of course, since we are talking about a company historically linked to the automotive world, an announcement like the one made by several news agencies in Italy and abroad makes a lot of noise: it really seems that Pininfarina I decided to launch into the technology and smart phone sector in a brave way! It’s true because by collaborating with German Startapp INKAR, the famous Italian designer has produced something very special for the first time.

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This is a particularly necessary accessory for the phone Any true motor enthusiast is an inspiration In Pininfarina Modulo, a concept car with a distinctive wedge-line from the 1970s that is clearly still very fresh in enthusiasts’ memories. However, the price and production numbers of this product are so low that they recall the most exclusive car models ever designed by the Italian professional.

a hundred? number…

In short, Pininfarina has designed a cover for smartphones and we are certainly not talking about an accessory like any other: the Italian house, in collaboration with the German house, has used beauty two years To reinterpret Modulo’s whimsical line and iterate with an iPhone cover that not even the best phone accessory manufacturers could have imagined.

Denial Web Source 28_11_2022
Inkar X Pininfarina: you decide if it’s worth the price (

Designed exclusively for the latest smartphones produced by Apple, such as the iPhone 13 and 14, this cover represents the true holy grail for the avid collectors of the well-known Italian atelier who certainly do not intend to Give them the first time it happens: “It is an exclusive product intended for ninety-nine customers.”Says the ad on the official Pininfarina website in short, explaining how exclusive this product really is.

A policy somewhat reminiscent of Ferrari’s with one-off cars or cars produced in limited series. In short, how much would we have to pay to wrap our new iPhone in a brand-new Modulo-inspired cover? 10,000 euros is goodPractically the price of a new car! Lucky who can afford it.

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