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Piadina becomes an experience: the multimedia space tells us about it

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Rimini, July 15 (askanews) – A journey into the world and culture of Romania through one of the oldest and most basic gastronomic icons: Piadina. Born in San Giovanni in Marignano, Experience Piadina is a multimedia and participatory space in which you can discover a story that begins from afar, but engages with shared and familiar values.

“The Piadina Experience – Roberto Bogli, Founder of Riccione Piadina and Founder of Piadina Experience – Askanews – told me it is the fulfillment of a dream. Meet all of our Piadina as I did. So I wanted to give a home to all of our Piadina. We chose a particular path, because it is immersive, multimedia, suggestive , but above all an emotional path. It will accompany visitors through the history of Piadina from prehistoric to modern history, as recounted by some members of the DOC Romagna.”

The ambiance is like a cork, suspended between dream and reality, but there is also space to talk about engines and that magic that is renewed every day starting with “flour, water, salt and more”. “Once we left the magic room – added Bugli – we created a panoramic tunnel above the production core: a 30-meter crystal gallery, which is very interesting because all our machines are prototypes and replicate the movements of people.”

A course to understand how to make our piadina and a surprise tasting, as well as the possibility to stop and then discover the pub connected to the museum, complete the experience. Which was born and associated with the history of Riccione Piadina. “The main pillars of our company – the founder assured us – have always been quality and image. Quality is in great interest in raw materials. We have Romania wheat certificate and therefore we know the name of the farms and the plot of land where the Piadina grain is produced.”

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However, we are rapidly moving from the local to the global, to the millions of tourists who visit Romagna Riviera every year. And from the Rimini Museum, it was decided to give them a souvenir, which was handed over to Piadina before they returned. “I thought it would be cool to go pick them up and serve them a flatbread off the highway – concluded Roberto Bogli – and so we did.”

In short, tourism, culture, gastronomy and traditions are intertwined, transformed into one thing, which is finally included in a product, the piadina, which becomes a medium of exchange and dialogue between the territory and its visitors.

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