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Piacenza Calcio (Liga Pro): shirt for the 2022/23 season in the name of tradition

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Less than a month from the start of the new tournament Series CThe Football in Piacenza Unveil I New racing groups That “wolves” will be wearing it during the upcoming competitive season. The first shirt reminiscent of the one worn in the 80s and the most recent one marking the centenary of the Emily Club. The second, simple, elegant and taking you back to the great 1992-1993 season, Serie A’s first promotional season. The third is a return to the traditional ‘total black’.

the new ‘residencewith a mandarin collar with a three-button closure, is Red with fine vertical white stripes In sublimation print, also present on the sleeves and at the bottom of the jersey back. Strong is the reference to the shirts worn by the red and white teams in the 1980s that were indeed the inspiration for the Emilian centenary jersey. The background is customized with the colors, club crest and vertical white stripes in which the PIACENZA CALCIO name appears. On the chest, on the right and in white, it appears Macron Hero, logo of the Italian brand, technical sponsor of the club, left, heart, Piacenza Calcio logo. The Piacenza Calcio 1919 graffiti is printed in white on the back frame below the collar, the pants are white with red side stripes, and the socks mirror the shirt style and are red with vertical white stripes.

Release ‘farSimple and elegant, yet inspired by one of the most intense moments in the club’s history, those moments in the first promotion to Serie A in the 1992-93 season, when the Piacenza Wolves led by Gigi Cagni and pushed them goals. From Totò De Vitis made all the red and white fans scream of joy. The new “outside” is white With a red polo neck and a three-button closure. red too Macron Embroidered on the chest next to the Piacenza Calcio logo. The back is customized as in the Home Edition. A special emblem is applied to the back of the neck, reminiscent of that historical promotion and consists of the dates 1992-1993 and 2022-2023, the wording of 30 years and the image of a wolf, detailing from the social emblem. To complete the guest ensemble, red shorts with white side stripes and white socks with a horizontal red stripe just below the top hem.

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Finally, the “thirdWhich re-proposes a chromatic option used by the Piacenza Club in the past. The third shirt istotal black’ With a V-neck and a special geometric graphic, tone on the shoulders and sleeves. The black pants were enriched with side stripes and the first back top in red. All black socks.

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