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Physical activity at the same time every day? Science says if it’s good for you

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A new study analyzed the effect of training on our internal clocks, and discovered that…

Training in the morning, afternoon or evening can make a difference. Although scholars agree on that What matters most is training consistently. However, a recent study revealed that no matter what time we do it Physical activity, there is a trick that can help us get more benefits. The trick is to exercise, whether that’s a brisk walk or going to the gym. Every day at the same time.

Get physical activity every day: at what time?

second Research conducted by the University of Manchester (UK) and published in natureIn fact, if it is true that we have a central biological clock in the brain, then it is also true that there are other clocks located throughout the body. And the, Exercise can reset the biological clocks of the joints and spine with health benefits. But above all, exercise At the same time Helps maintain Body clocks Synchronized with the brain, this is a positive fact: previous research has actually proven this When our internal clocks are out of sync with each other, it can increase the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

“The results of our study show that Morning physical activities“The biological clock associated with the circadian rhythms of the sleep-wake cycle relays temporal information from the brain’s light-sensitive central clock to the skeletal tissues that support our weight,” says Cheng Junming, a chronobiologist at the University of Manchester. UK) “It’s actually as if we’re telling our skeletal system that it’s time to wake up.”

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Training at the same time: studying

By analyzing the behavior and physical exercises of some laboratory mice, using advanced genetic reporting techniques, the researchers confirmed what they suspected. In fact, scientists were able to verify this Continuous training not only resets biological clocks, but improves their synchronization, with potential public health benefits. And the, If physical activity is always done at the same time, this may improve the synchronization between different body clocks, which leads to improved overall health. Although the study has not yet been extended to humans, researchers believe a similar effect is more than plausible.


If being physically active at the same time may seem like a negligible detail, researchers are convinced of the opposite: the health of our bones and joints has an impact on everything, from our level of athletic performance to the likelihood of developing or developing diseases such as arthritis. The risk of injury may increase, for example, in athletes who travel frequently, crossing different time zones. This suggests that maintaining a consistent routine of physical activity at the same time, even with daily walking, can be positive even for older people.

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