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Pete Stop – Alberto Antonini

There is hope for everyone. Self Brad Pitt, who has a similar age to life meter (that age only) intends to make a movie about Formula One, with Lewis Hamilton as producer, that means the Netflix recall has worked. One almost wonders if, with the promised pay-per-view records, F1 would find the famous extra piece of pie to fund the eleventh, and possibly twelfth, team. After all, there budget ceiling And you can’t spend a lot, right? In this regard, they told me about the extension of the spending cap which should also extend to the development of cars, in one form or another starting in April of next year. Today, if we want, the power units are already “frozen”, in the sense that no real developments can be made during the season, if not to make them more reliable. But we already know since 2006, the first year of the 2400 cc V8, how much performance is found precisely in the name of reliability.

Without prolonging it, I wonder what will happen in less than a year, in F1 where the chassis can only be touched a little bit and maybe even less. Even for tests in so-called climate cells, teams today should be able to prove to the FIA ​​that they are testing only turbines, pistons, etc., and thus combine them if necessary with simple simulations of the bodies. In practice, the current rules render unnecessary, for most of the year, the most sophisticated (and expensive) test kits on which the chassis and suspension have been tested. What will happen when another drive hits the engines? We want to be pessimistic — but we’re not, right? – You can imagine a kind of wonderful nuclear winter, the next day’s scenario where everything is frozen, even the scale of values ​​in the field. A science fiction movie, only to reconnect with the title.

So let’s try, for now, to remain standing on the ground, firmly fixed on the shores of the Caspian Sea. And also because the Azerbaijani film promises to be interesting. The challenge between Ferrari and Red Bull of Azerbaijan resumes (sorry) after the ugly final in Monte Carlo. On paper, F1-75 is promising but not very good. Meaning the difference in the Baku is the straight section (or rather, at full speed) and the RB18 appears to be a bit more efficient at top speed. On the Bakunian track, apart from Latifi, there is only one false compound between Turn 5 and Turn 6, apart from the bottleneck of the old tower which from a performance point of view is irrelevant. So perhaps Ferrari will find it more difficult to exploit its traction characteristics. But there is a lot more energy recovery, than the next race in Canada, on another track at breakneck speed.

And then it might not be a risk to write a script in it Leclerc He signs the pole again, taking advantage of the superiority of the force, and then, once the race has started, try to keep opponents at a distance of more than a second, to prevent them from opening DR (Assuming it’s from Verstappen opens, given the previous). Easier said than done, but it’s a scenario we’ve already seen this year.

Of course Baku is also a race that often experiences interruptions and this, needless to say, calls into question the reaction of the wall. And here we have to talk about it What happened to Cavallino’s wall?. A year ago, in Baku, if I’m not mistaken, Raven Jain, an Anglo-Indian more involved in developing strategies than today’s Inaki Rueda, made his debut. Which for those of Monte Carlo mainly take the blame. I read his explanations and appreciate his honesty, even if it seemed to me quite obvious that the theoretical explanations about gaps, opponents’ redemption, and double-stopping times, then collided with the much more hostile ones. Just as I find it commendable – without irony – that in a brief summary of the Monaco GP, the managers (in a functional sense) took responsibility for what happened.

But I find it’s not much linear, the fact that it was also heard in the same meetings “If we go back, we will make the same choicesIt is said that those who do not learn from their mistakes are bound to repeat them. Perhaps out of some form of prior awareness, Mattia Binotto And he returned to his statements by saying that “competition is one thing, and winning the world championship is another.” Strict logic, but I’m afraid it’s vaguely frightening to great masses. We’ll see how the message will be taken: communication has its own nuances. In this regard, I understand that Maranello Foreign Relations has a new director at Thomas Hoffmann, a former journalist from Sky Deutschland, a former press officer at Sauber and then with the F1 Group. He reports directly to CEO Benedetto Vigna, but at the moment little is heard from outside. It could be a good sign.

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