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“People are leaving the theater in Cannes”

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future crimes It’s not only David Croneberg’s first film since Maps to the Stars in 2014: it’s also the work that marks the director of Scanners, Videodrome and La Mosca’s return to that physical horror that for many years has been his true stylistic signature. But how will such powerful sequences be received in 2022?

Talk about the movie with Lea Seydoux and Viggo MortensenNot only Cronenberg called the surgery the new sexBut he also said he was convinced that most of the spectators present at the Cannes Film Festival during the show would leave the room in front of some scenes that most might not be intolerable.

I expect some people leave the room In Cannes, and that’s something very special. There are some really cool scenes. I mean, I’m sure there will be dropouts during the first five minutes of the movie, I’m sure of that. […] Some people who have seen the movie think that the last twenty minutes will be the hardest for people. A guy told me he’s about to get a file panic attackCronenberg’s words.

Phrases that do nothing but increase curiosity already at an all-time high to return to the scene by a much-loved and never-tacky author: To find out more, meanwhile, you’ll find here Future Crimes Trailer.

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