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Patch 1.08 update available, here’s the news as well as the free DLC Arena –

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FromSoftware released its free Arena DLC today Elden ringalong with Patch 1.08.0 Which introduces a series of balancing changes and fixes some more or less known bugs on PC and consoles.

Obviously, the main scope of the update is the DLC Arena (or Colosseum in English) and the PvP United Combat and Combat Oredal modes, of which you will find all the details, images and the official trailer in this news.

Furthermore, we learn from Elden Ring Patch 1.08 that they have been introduced New hairstyles for Senzaluce, which can be used during creation or by modifying your character’s appearance. You can watch them in the video below.

We also find a number of The balance changes Exclusively for PvP (i.e. it has no effect in single player or PvE). For example, the damage dealt by weapon counterattacks with piercing damage, ranger proficiency when attacking with a shield, and stance damage for various weapon classes have been reduced.

Several bugs have also been fixed and balance tweaks have also been made for PvE and singleplayer, with buffs or reductions to turn in regards to hitboxes, damage to poses, speed of attacks and stamina recovery from various weapons. For all the details, we refer you to the official notes for Patch 1.08a this is the addressCurrently only available in English. Please note that update installation is required to take advantage of Elden Ring’s online features.

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