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Bad number with young people? Here are the emojis to use for the coup

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L’The evolution of the Internet led to the creation of many Categories Of people who have many aspects in common with each other. age factor It is one of the most important when it comes to online lifestyle. But certain conditionswhich was born as the definition of a certain type of person united by age, they have now transcended this simple barrier, and become Sarcastic synonyms Sometimes it degrades the most common terms.

Boomer term For example generated for identification Those born during the so-called “baby boom”, or that period of economic and demographic recovery, after World War II. denote between [1945and1965[1945و1965. Although the original meaning was this, the term “boomer” is now Synonym of anachronism.

From the term “boomer” one of the phrases or memes was also born, the most popular on the Internet in recent years, capable of infuriating even the quietest social commentators: “Okay, Boomer.” This lexical form is usually addressed to the person who used to do it, according to the interlocutor Theses and speeches are anachronistic and abstract.

These definitions often bring more cruelty than you think, and other times result in a hilarious exchange of ideas that allows you to end it all with a laugh. but then exactly, What sets a Boomer apart from mutation, other than age?

“Those born” – how do you know your generation

Me and the boys

Boomers or Many childrenAnd the However, it is not the only target group that have been discussed in recent years. In fact, each person can be categorized within a specific personal goal and exactly as is the case for the definition of “Boomer”, Age is not the only factor To learn about a person’s behavior.

  • Boomers: As mentioned, they are those born between 1945 and 1965, and their ages range from 58 to 78 years. Beyond the personal meaning, the term “boomer” is now synonymous with an archaic and outdated concept, and the form “ok boomer” is used to mock those who express concepts of this kind.
  • The tenth generationMTV: Also known as the “MTV Generation” represents those born between 1965 and 1979, who are between the ages of 44 and 58. These are the people who lived through the Cold War and the anxieties of confrontation with the baby boomers, who were viewed with some envy at the wealth of the boomers they experienced.
  • Generation Y: They are also called “Millennials”, who were born between 1980 and 1994, and whose ages ranged from 29 to 44 years. This is the generation that has experienced the advent of the Internet, social networks and fast information in a more conscious way.
  • Generation ZThey are also called “Millennials” and they are those born between 1995 and 2019, between the ages of 8 and 28. They are the children of the Internet generation and that is also why they show a strong attachment to technology, especially mobile devices such as mobiles and tablets.
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Boomer emoji

Screenshots of various emojis
What use?

In the UK, the research firm Perspective goals Conducted survey research. The results will help many of those who, despite their age, still feel very young inside. The research, conducted on 2,000 young adults under the age of 30, helped uncover codes that are now considered archaic, outdated…in short, by Boomers.

The ranking shows the results of the 10 emoji that you should not use if you do not want to appear outdated in the eyes of new generations:

  • Excellent: In the first place, we find the sign for ‘cool’, often used in an assertive manner or to end a conversation. According to the survey, 24% of the testers rated it as an emoji used by older people
  • Red heart: In second place, with 22% of the votes we found the simple but important “red heart”, used to express affection or love.
  • Ok by handImmediately after that, we found in 20% that “ok with hand”, is used as a thumbs up, in an assertive way or to conclude a discussion, perhaps with a little sadness.
  • Examine: Fourth place with 17% for the “check mark”, used as a substitute for the thumb and the approval sign with the hand
  • Smiling poo: on equal merit with ticks comes a nice “smiling stool”. A pile of craps with lively eyes and laughter, however, will make you lose many points according to the smallest of them.
  • crying face16% find that the crying face is used to express sadness.
  • Little monkey covering his eyes: in 15% we find the cute little monkey covering his eyes which, however cute, is now considered archaic.
  • applause: hands that clap by 10%. If you want a compliment, try using something else.
  • mold kissing: always 10% off spicy emoji for kisses template.
  • smiley showing teeth Closes this ranking, with 9% of the vote, and a smile shows all the teeth. A big smile that you should avoid if you want to impress the new generations.
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