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Parma’s victory in the extreme. Defeated Sassuolo on the return – OA Sport

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A sharp victory for Parma on the second day of the Women’s First Division 2022-2023. In Tardini, the home team is at a disadvantage against Sassuolo (Pandini’s goal), but then returns thanks to the goals of Cambiaghi (at the 41st minute) and Benoit (at 90) and achieves a very important success. After this result Fabio Olderese girls move to sixth place at three points, while green and black remain at the bottom of the rankings without points.

After the start of the study, Sassuolo took the lead with Bandini: No. 8 of the visiting team entered the area and passed a superb cross from Brignoli Cappelletti with a score of 0-1. Parma reacts immediately and in the 33rd minute wins a penalty kick with Peroni. So, Peroni herself moved to the penalty kick, but hit the post, so Gianpiru Biovani’s group remains in front. However, the home team does not lose its courage and before the break scored a deserved equalizer with a powerful southern ball from Campiagi after a mistake in Krish’s withdrawal.

Away Finals? Italy always wins! From football to volleyball, we are the specialists!

Returning from the locker room, Parma came close to a 2-1 lead with Farrelly, who did not find the goal from close range. At 68 the chance happens to Bragonzi, but even in this case the goal is not reached. The game continues without major jolts until recovery, when the amazing Benoit invents a superb free kick goal from the edge and delivers the victory to her teammates.

LiveMedia photo / Luca Amedeo Bizzarri

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