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10 to 0: 2021 Italian football

Goodbye 2021, a few words, many facts. In the midst of a pandemic, it becomes difficult to make judgments. The important thing is to keep the stadiums open and close the season. If you count by one millimeter, the system explodes. Now let’s move on from “best to worst” for 2021. Let me know if you participate or not.

Giuseppe Marotta, voice 10
The highest vote goes to number one in Inter who wins the league title with Conte, organizes the club’s budget as best he can, and does not make one feel the absence of a drug now prevalent in China and redesigns Inter with elegance, wit and savings. A manager deserves more than a coach and more than a striker. Without him, Juventus was lost, and Inter took a new life with him, full of success and materialism. Loved by fans more than just a player. The real guarantor of this Inter.

Vincenzo Italiano voice 9
It was his year. He saved La Spezia and probably did not believe in such a miracle. He goes to Florence and makes Fiorentina turn around. In the game and in the results. Two great masterpieces and so many sacrifices on the field. Show his hand. The biggest compliment to a coach is to tell him that you understand the team coached by him without even knowing who the coach is on the bench. Pragmatic on the right, the Italian asserts himself as one of the best Italian coaches in business. The chaos has paid off. A good guy at Faggiano discovered him in Trapani when not even Italiano’s relatives knew he was no longer playing but he started working as a coach.

Claudio Chiellini voice 8
An important surname but if all of Italy knew Giorgio, few knew Claudio. He’s the manager at Pisa, before he was among the Juventus managers and they thought he was only there because he was Giorgio’s brother. He was mainly dealing with youth and under-23s. He did better outside of Turin, showing that it was efficiency that made the difference, not the title. Bet on Luca when half of Italy is asleep. He built a smart team and found himself with Pisa fighting for A.

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Pantaleo Corvino Grade 7
He’s in level B because he wants to bring his city (Lecce) and his fans back to Serie A, otherwise Corvino in B has nothing to do with that at all. He will be among the top 3 sporting managers in Serie A. Subject knowledge, competency, observer eye like old generation, excellent group management and technical staff during the week. Sticchi Damiani made a masterpiece to convince him. Last year Lecce came close to Serie A but was not yet ready for the big leap. At its most beautiful. The competition is terrible this year but the Corvino-Baroni couple are not afraid to showdown with anyone. Young and experienced players. Corvo is wasted in B, if Lecce goes to A, they will end up with strong ownership and a manager able to influence more in A than B. Money invested not wasted and teams are always competitive. In Florence they still live on income between Vlahovic and Castrovilli. All cashier’s checks are signed by Pantaleo.

Roberto Mancini, sixth grade
For the magical nights he gave us it was worth 10. With honors. Then, however, it makes us shiver at the next World Cup and then the vote drops dramatically. Many useless games won for useless records. The European Championship was exceptional and had great advantages in the Blue’s success. Now, however, in 2022, he must find a solution to send us to Qatar because if we stay home for the second time in a row, it will be a complete fiasco, and at that point, even the top leaders of Italian football will have to do so. Radical decisions.

Alfredo Trentalang voice 5
It is better to draw a line in 2021 for the Italian referees. Leaders are the real culprits. We went from Nicchi to Trentalange, and from Rizzoli to Rocchi but things got worse. Var management has become almost ridiculous and advertising figure. But this is the least of the problems. Generations were changed very quickly, with low-ranking rulers. The worst thing was paying the odd expenses. With the referees stopped and then brought back. Giacomelli and Massa in the first place, with the latter constantly devoted to cartel meetings. Trentalange must resign due to the lack of answers and many disasters committed. Not a word from the union. We had to go to punishment with fraud complaints. Instead, as a reward, they were sent back. The next case will involve a prominent referee ruling every Sunday in Serie A.

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Jose Mourinho rating 4
He arrived in Rome as a savior of the homeland. The fans are still on his side, but the stadium is turning against him. Roma has no match and lost with all the big names, only one draw with Napoli and one win with Atalanta. Pretty of course, but now she’s the only child. Mourinho is not like Inter but above all he was not able to have any effect on Roma who dreamed of returning to the Europe that matters. The investments have been made but we have seen little or nothing from Mourinho. Lots of confusion and fools, especially in Europe.

Pordenone rating 3
Nice club with its good ideas but this year they are looking for a Series C. Since Tesser was acquitted, his rapid decline began. Perhaps he confirms that the secret of many successes was precisely the coach. With Tesser’s departure, the company was lost. in all. Domezzi, Bacchi, Rastelli, Tedino. Crazy roulette wheel. Many coaches have been burned by rough and unbalanced corporate management.

Eusebio Di Francesco 2 . voice
Unfortunately, the breakdown was amazing. From the semi-finals of the Champions League with Roma to 2021 may mark the end of Di Francesco’s dreams of career glory. Verona was supposed to be the arena for the relaunch, but love didn’t explode even with Romeo and Juliet. Hellas didn’t do anything good with him. To kill the coach’s image were the subsequent results obtained by Tudor, the average coach who after Di Francesco looked like Guardiola in the eyes of Verona fans.

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Tommaso Giulini’s voice 1
Every year he risks the second division, and every year he saves himself but he makes the same mistakes the next season. Cagliari deserves so much more because it is not a city but a region. He gave the locker room keys to South America. He trusted Godin and Caceres to get rid of them later. The players have now reached the end of their careers. The Nandes had to be sold, and the summer market was a disaster. Managing the coaches was also a disaster. If he was saved, it would only be because of the apparent inferiority of his rivals.

Luca Campedelli rating 0
2021 marks the end of the Chievo Verona era. He who destroys what he builds will never leave a trace, but will always be just an extra element. Chievo made his beautiful story and Campidelli was a great writer of a book. No one expected him to stay in the Premier League his whole life God forbid, but there are ways and ways to choose the end. Campedelli cannot play the victim because Chievo who owns it has already amassed several in recent years. He made the creature he had created himself disappear. He had to stop much earlier. He hit rock bottom and chose the worst way out of football that he definitely won’t miss.