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Paradigm, Canadian-made speakers for every need

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Paradigm’s story begins exactly forty years ago in Toronto, Canada, with the passion for music of Jerry Vandermarel and Scott Bagby, who wanted to try to break the market dominance of English and American brands in hi-fi of those years. . They immediately chose the more demanding route, which would be producing everything in-houseWithout taking the easy way out of using a speaker made by a third party and with the aim of providing affordable speakers.

It is not an easy task, for this reason they turned to the National Research Council of Canada to obtain a better scientific basis, with the aim of achieving pure and realistic audio, above all not limited by the ability to translate power into sound.

They debuted the Paradigm 7 and 8 models at the Toronto Audio Show in 1983 and immediately enjoyed great success, marking their definitive entry into the market.

Since then, Paradigm has always focused on research and unique solutions, and to do this Paradigm owns the largest private anechoic chamber in North America.Located within the current factory and accessible via a suspended walkway within a completely passive structure, this allows Paradigm engineers to isolate any anomalies, evaluate solutions and fine-tune the loudspeakers and loudspeakers.

Even today, all production takes place in a Canadian factory, without falling into the easy and dangerous savings of oriental production. During these forty years, the range of Paradigm loudspeakers has grown and expanded to include the home theater sector, proposing active loudspeakers and center channels, always with some special element, for example, a PBA sound lens acting as a phase plug. Shock mount system for suspending speakers from diaphragms or front panel in aluminum and magnesium. Many small details in the construction of a loudspeaker can make a difference in listening. The important thing is that this treatment is applied not only to the most expensive models, but to the entire production.

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Example loudspeakers

Exemplary loudspeakers are offered in the Persona, Founder, Premier and Monitor SE ranges.

The Persona series is very valuable and aimed at more discerning listeners, complete with floor-standing, stand, center channel and subwoofer models. The tweeters and midrange with a beryllium membrane stand out in this series, a material chosen for its lightness and rigidity at the same time.

The exclusive 9H flagship model features supplied amplifiers dedicated to the woofers and capable of delivering up to 700 watts; The series is available in five different hand-lacquered finishes.

Founder Series It includes floor standing, standing and two center channel models to meet the needs of home cinema enthusiasts. Again the design principles of each paradigmatic loudspeaker can be found here: Precision, control and dynamics; Concepts that make each model in the range easy to spot from first listen, including the compact 40B, which can compete with the best stand-alone speakers on the market. In this range the precious beryllium of membranes is replaced by an equally valid ceramic composite.

A little step down The premiere series just got even more accessible While continuing to deliver Paradigm’s exclusive solutions. Here you’ll find two stand-mounted, two floor-standing and two central models to choose from, perfect combinations for home cinema and music environments. Note the high sensitivity values ‚Äč‚Äčthat allow you to use the power of the amplifiers.

At the bottom of the prototype loudspeakers we find The monitor SE series represents true high fidelity and an excellent entry point into the world of home cinema. In this series, we find a small model, three floor lamps and a central channel that includes most of the characteristics of the premium series with a simple finish in black or white. The series stands out for compact play, shelf or stand and always exclusive aluminum dome tweeter with PPA system at an incredible quality/price ratio. The Paradigm range, distributed in Italy by Audiogamma, also includes multiple amplified loudspeakers, external loudspeakers and built-in loudspeakers.

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