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Palermo will have 6 preschools, 2 nursery schools and 1 play area. Also interventions on Speroni and Zine

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Palermo. On the proposal of the Councilor for Education and School Buildings, Aristide Tamago, the municipal council held at the Palagonia Palace (between Monday and yesterday afternoon) was approved. Nine decisions will allow six new nursery schools, two nursery schools and a play area to open in the city. The works, financed by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan for a total value of approximately 7 million euros, will make it possible to expand the offer of municipal educational services targeting the 0-6 age group (290 new nursery school places, 140 for nursery and 25 for play areas).

In the next few days, the works that must be completed by December 31, 2025 will be handed over to the companies that won the contract.

“The establishment of new nurseries and nursery schools represents an important turning point in the educational offer provided by the municipality to the age group from 0 to 6 years. Modern structures will be built in the name of energy efficiency. “The administration is making every effort to improve educational services in the city and I thank Education Councilor Tamago and his offices for the work done to avoid wasting the strategic resources allocated to the world of schools.”, says Palermo Mayor Roberto Lagala.

“I express my great satisfaction at the approval of these decisions. We will soon hand over the works to companies and will see the emergence of new social and educational points of reference in the city. Indeed, to support families in daily life, we need to ensure widespread services throughout the region, and I am particularly happy that four of these businesses will be built in Regions Two and Seven, which are currently the most underserved in education. Aimed at early childhood. The opening of the new buildings will, among other things, create an important employment moment for the entire city. I extend my sincere thanks to the school district offices that have worked at a rapid pace in recent months on business planning.”, says Aristide Tamago, advisor on education and school buildings in the municipality of Palermo.

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Voting has arrived He works the total
1. 11/23/2023 Demolition and reconstruction of wing B of the Borsellino complex, Largo Camastra 7, for use in… Elementary school 1,187,368.40 euros
2. 11/23/2023 building IncubationViale Sandro Bertini 767,531.20 euros
3. 11/23/2023 building IncubationVia Fabio Pista, Largo Gabrielli corner 767,531.20 euros
4. 11/23/2023 building Incubation Via Laudicina and Via La Rocca 762,604.00 euros
5. 11/23/2023 building Incubation In Viale Michelangelo 762,603.69 euros
6. 11/23/2023 building Incubation On the 27th Via Maggio 762,311.02 euros
7. 11/23/2023 Functional redevelopment and safety measures of the former rural kindergarten Principe Umberto (Elementary school) 715,519.00 euros
8. 11/23/2023 The philosophical reconstruction of the former Casena Rossi annex building aims to create one Play space 701,429.00 euros
9. 11/20/2023 Functional redevelopment and safety measures of the Municipal Nursery School in Via della Barcelona 10 to allow the building to be restored and converted into Incubation 570,000 euros

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