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Pace, Dal Sasso and Cantel speak after the win over AC Milan about the Vicenza Devils

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MacControl Diavoli Vicenza won the head-to-head match against Grizzly Coata in Milan, 5-3. Thus, he won the top spot and ended the real season in first place. At the end of the game we heard some red and white among them Fabrizio Pace, Davide Dal Sasso and Fabrizio Cantelli.

“We certainly can’t say we expected it, but let’s say we did our best to win and we did – he announced at the end of the race. Fabrizio Hello, author of the first red and white target -. It’s an important win for the host factor in a potential playoff final. We wanted to win this race and we did. So we can be happy.”

Double up instead David from to forbid: The second and final goal, with an empty net: «From this match, in my opinion, there are many positive indicators – explains Dal Sasso -. We tried to create more chances, even by taking a little risk, at 3-1 some episodes didn’t go well, but we know it’s good. But in the end we achieved it and because of the way the match went we deserved the match and the result proved that we were right.”

Excellent performance in attack but also very good defense, goalkeeper performance and all red and white: “How important is the offensive phase, just as important is the defensive phase – he added Gianluca cantel. “It is true that you win by scoring one goal more than your opponents, but you must also try not to take anything, otherwise it becomes more difficult to hold on to the score and you have to risk more to try to score.”

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Once in 3-3, opponents came up with it, what do you think?
“Actually, from my point of view, the team reacted very well – he continued cantel. We kept pressured, didn’t allow ourselves to be influenced and stayed focused. We found salvation immediately with two good chances, plus a post, then we found the target 13 seconds after the end, holding out in the last seconds.”

What does this victory mean for Divoli Vicenza?
“We know we can win the championship – continue from to forbid. We will probably play it against Milan, but we know we can beat them like we did three times in the league except for the cup final and that’s a pity. In my opinion, we are starting the positive qualifiers because this victory gave us confidence.”

How will these qualifiers be?
“Let’s go step by step – concludes it Hello -. Let’s see one step at a time: first we play and think we’re doing well in the quarter-finals, then if all goes well we’ll think about the semi-finals and then, eventually, we’ll think about the final. Now let’s think and focus on the quarter-finals.”

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