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Other than the hypochondriac, this time he took a big risk

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Now, 71 years old, the great Romanian artist has always revealed his emotional fragility. But it’s different this time.

In his films, Carlo Verdon has always allowed us to see and peek into his halls. As well as its relationship to drugs and psychoanalysis. He never hid this aspect of him. The dynamics and personal illnesses that the great actor and director has always managed to iron out. Even if it’s often something that hurts. However, these aspects were not the only medical problems that the great Roman artist faced. He was the same one who talked about it on Instagram.

Carlo Verdoni took a really big risk | web source

Now 71 years old, Indeed, Carlo Verdone looks to the past and can only be satisfied with his extraordinary career, which is still in progress. In fact, in recent weeks, she’s been a huge hit with her “Vita da Carlo” series. In fact, in most of his success, Verdon was a major director and actor. Among the nicknames with the greatest influence in the collective imagination, we can’t help but mention “Beautiful Piece”, “White, Red and Fardone”, “Borotalco”, “Cursed the Day I Met You”, “Honeymoon”, “I’m Crazy About Iris” Blond “,” Capercaillie “.

With him, some of the most sought-after actresses on the Italian scene: from Claudia Gerini (his true inspiration) to Margherita Bay and Asia Argento. For him also a very important role in Paolo Sorrentino’s Oscar-winning film “The Great Beauty” in 2013.

Carlo Verdone has been professionally trained under the protective wing of the great Sergio Leone. The acclaimed director of the “Dollar Trilogy” who launched an actor of Clint Eastwood’s caliber onto the international scene. But the author of that masterpiece is called Once Upon a Time in America.

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The pathology from which he recovered

As mentioned, very often in his films Ferdoni ridiculed his whims. On his psychoanalysis. From “Damned the day I met you” to “Let’s lose sight of it,” all the way to “But what’s our fault.” As well as in the last song “Vita da Carlo”. All the problems he could always track down.

Carlo Verdone (Instagram I.
Carlo Verdone (Instagram I.

In addition to the person we were told through a post on Instagram. “After seven years of severe pain in my hips due to the disappearance of cartilage, I decided to have a one-stroke surgery to rebuild both because I could no longer walk a few meters.” He wrote in a post on the social network, where he showed himself a little fitter, but still without crutches.

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Great willpower of the great Romanian artist, who managed to win it again. “I just want to understand that the unbearable pain no longer exists” said again.

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