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Other than Mathias! Benedetta Fari’s boyfriend is just him and he has a son

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Benedetta Fari and Mattia Zinzola –

Despite the rumors that circulated after the evening episode of Amici, there is no story between Mattia and Benedetta Vari. girl with him…

Benedetta Fari One of the promises of this new version of Amici 22highly desired by Raimondo Todaro.

The audience from home is very much focused on this Latin American dancer. In fact, not only everyone wants to know What are her origins but also what is her private life.

Professional history of the girl He starts very early and his talent is immediately apparent For everyone.

This led her, despite her young age, to become a high-profile dancer and dancer To be accepted into one of the most famous talent shows in Italy And only exist to dance.

The story of Benedetta Fari and her passion for dancing

Born in Colleferro, in what date but then moved to Signy, Benedetta Fari began studying dance when she was still very young. actually, At the age of four, he started doing group dances with his sister. It is instantly love at first sight for her who falls in love with the dance and makes it her passion.

In fact, he starts participating in races and competitions that increase his desire to reach and his ambition. This is why he decided to appear in front of his friends in 2019. However, He fails to get over Valentine In a challenge and thus fails to get the talent shirt. Finally, in 2023, she was personally chosen by Raymondo Todaro as the Latin American dancer in the cast of the year.

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Benedetta Vari –

Benedetta Fari’s Boyfriend: Other than Mattia

After the ballet between Mattia Zinzola and Benedetta Fari, many began to ship the couple who seemed to be very close. In fact, the girl has a partner outside of school and that is why the alleged story with Mattia is unfounded. She and her partner also had a child together. The boy’s name is Simon and they are really happy together. The two have a very strong relationship and She often shares moments from their daily lives on his Instagram profile.

During an episode of Amici he said: “My friend’s son brought me a drawing. This is of great value to me Because the relationship I have with my partner in addition to being special because we love each other is also given by the fact that he is there. There is this child that connects us so much. Getting to draw him gives me strength. The thought of him looking at me excites me so much.”

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