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The super eco-economic camper is born that turns into a dream villa

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Scarabane is an eco-camping camper and compared to very comfortable, it is very economical: it turns into a villa, leaving its interior exposed and increasing its floor space.

Scarabane Camper (photo facebook Scarabane)

Scaraban: information and properties

a cart environmental And also and above all economic: it sounds like a joke but it’s all true. In fact, with a world that is constantly and rapidly changing, you should pay attention to the sector Green color Actually increased. If we talk about motors, we can not help but think of hybrid and above all electric motors, which are a new symbol of the development of environmentally friendly technology in a period when climate change imposes pressures on the ecosystem and the entire environmental protection of our planet.

So I was born scaraban, a wagon that opens into a villa, discovering its interiors and maximizing floor space. It is a transportable vehicle like a caravan, moreover, its batteries are recharged with sunlight, and it runs itself. Track the sun!

Marked by Balcony removable which can be placed anywhere. In the kitchen there is a dishwasher, which has two rooms and a living room. Its price is also amazing, only 6 thousand euros (the price of a motorbike!) to enjoy the comfort of a camper wherever you decide to go during your vacation. For now, it’s still being tested but soon, we hope it hits the market because it has all the credentials for real sales success.

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