April 23, 2024

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Oscar 2022, the web’s reaction to Amy Schumer’s joke cut from the show

Oscar 2022, the web’s reaction to Amy Schumer’s joke cut from the show

after making Oscar 2022, Amy Schumer had already made headlines between her comedic cuts and – despite herself – death threats in response to her skit with Kirsten Dunst. In the past few hours, after the actress revealed one of the slashed lines from her short number, a real choi has been unleashed on the internet.

The controversy surrounding Amy Schumer’s management has surely taken a back seat here in Italywhere the most moving news since the early hours of the morning after the awards ceremony was Will Smith slaps Chris Rock.

An event that cost Will Smith dearly, who quit the academy and who has it I also annoyed Amy Schumer: “I think we can all agree that the best way to undo this is to stream my “Life & Beth” series and come see me on tour this fall. But in truth, I’m still angry and shockedThe actress wrote in an Instagram post.

However, in the last few hours, Schumer reveals one of the lines that was cut from his comedic moment In Cinema’s Finest Gnomes Evening Prank includes a series of Hot Hints citing various titles from among the competing films, as well as the hit Netflix series squid game.

The audience didn’t seem to welcome this joke, which in addition to being not very funny, it provoked a decidedly hostile reaction, with a barrage of memes and jokes that led to a real comedy gratification for the American actress!