September 24, 2023

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Ludovica Bargillini, the young Pope’s actress, died in an accident

Ludovica Bargillini, the young Pope’s actress, died in an accident

Mourning in the world of cinema for the tragic and sudden death of the actress Ludovica Barglini, 35 years old, died of a traffic accident during the night in Rome, in the region of Montagnola, in the southern suburbs of the capital. Bargellini has acted in several films and TV series over the course of his busy career.

He was born in Pistoia, Ludovica Bargillini lived in Rome For several years, she moved to study at the Experimental Center for Cinematography. Tonight the actress was traveling aboard the Lancia Y when she was at the intersection of Colombo Road and via Di Gruta Pervita, as Corriere della Sera reported, hitting a wall.

still The dynamics of the accident is uncertain, which are being investigated by the local police and the carabinieri. After the firefighters intervened, the actress was taken to St. Eugenio’s Hospital but died shortly after arriving at the facility.

Ludovica Bargillini is well known among the entertainment world as well for her participation in the popular TV series on Sky Atlantic directed by Paolo Sorrentino; Barghellini has worked together Jude Law, the protagonist of the young Pope. Trained at the pilot center, Bargellini has taught with important names in the sector, including Michael Margotta and Doris Hicks. From 2009 onwards, she has appeared in films such as Maghini’s No Time for Champions and Falaschi’s Absolute Palate. His face has also been associated with many advertising campaigns such as Campari and Sky – NOW TV campaigns.

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