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Full marks in Canada and Honorable Mention in Communities in Bloom – Torino Oggi

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“The Ingria community is led by visionary men and women who look to the future and strive to preserve their history. Ingria’s exceptional architectural heritage is stunning and the standards for the exterior of buildings and residences, commercial buildings, churches and institutional sites all contribute to a village with a strong tourist appeal.

These are the systems.”Communities in BloomDuring the “,” National and International Symposium and Award Ceremonies 2022″, the small municipality of Ingria was awarded a maximum of 5 available flowers and a prize with a special reference to the protection and development of the territory.

Our little pearl in Val Sona represented Italy – Comments from Canada Igor de Santis Mayor of Ingria – At a funeral in Victoria, British Columbia. Ingria’s municipality, based on size and population, won the international challenge in the small category with Dauphin for Canada, Glasgow for Ireland, Lewisburg for the US, Sussex for Canada and Velika Polona in neighboring Slovenia. A goal cultivated for more than a decade but unexpected: getting 5 blooms, the floral parameter of the company’s judgment, like 10 and praise at school! Also, the certificate for the protection and development of the territory seems to fit our message: there is nothing more beautiful than the nature of Val Sona, we only have the task of protecting it and making it known.“.

During summer – The councilor responsible for tourism intervenes Federico Bianco LevrinWe welcomed volunteer judges in Ingria who visited all the participating municipalities to evaluate them from community, environmental action, heritage conservation, trees, landscape and plant and flower arrangements. Unforgettable satisfaction to read their feedback which led us to maximum 5 satisfaction flowers“.

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A historic gift to my municipality – Underlines directly from the Regional Council Andrea KaneMunicipal Councilor and resident of Ingria – International recognition that it is a small village but above all a big community. It is often said to Ingresi that we are over forty and vote even less: though few, we answer with truths, we love our land, and do nothing to hide it, and propose to others what fills our eyes. of surprise; From Canada we have certainly given the whole Canavese region and Piedmont in general an example and a reason to be proud.“.

Finally, greetings from the Deputy Minister of the Territory also arrive directly from Parliament Alessandro Giglio Vineyard: “News reaches Rome of the expedition to Canada and the victory of Ingria! Therefore, we could not avoid congratulating this countless Canaves special: the natural environment of our valleys is a gift to each of us, the administrations of small municipalities on the front line, working to protect, protect and improve, like Ingria. It is. Therefore, we receive an important request from Canaves to open the doors to those who come to visit us by offering conscious tourism that harmonizes the environment by improving the territory.“.

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