Home Economy Opel, the low-cost SUV loved by bachelors is becoming increasingly popular: what a bargain

Opel, the low-cost SUV loved by bachelors is becoming increasingly popular: what a bargain

Opel, the low-cost SUV loved by bachelors is becoming increasingly popular: what a bargain

Opel, the new low-cost SUV arrives, and is also loved by bachelors. It really is a bargain, what is it all about

Who says I am SUV Are the cars for families only? Of course, due to their large area, these models are convenient and practical for those who have to regularly transport several people, which is why they are increasingly being bought and appreciated. This does not mean, however, that they cannot be appreciated by bachelors as well. Again, perfect model creation is opelalways a guarantee when it comes to satisfying consumers’ needs.

Opel mondofuoristrada.it

there opel Ready to launch the new compact crossover, a class that combines smaller proportions than the classic SUV But it’s still spacious along with high performance and all the modern conveniences. The German automaker is going to release the new version of the model. It is indeed a success.

Opel Mokka, the highly anticipated new SUV arrives: it is already a favorite of motorists

He’s coming over there Opel Mokka. It has a vehicle length of 4,150 mm and a wheelbase of 2,557. The design is somewhat sporty, featuring somewhat hard lines. It is built on a common modular platform EMP1.

The front of the car features a horizontal grille and LED headlights. The interiors have been carefully chosen, with soft-touch elements and a predominance of hard plastic. The seats are comfortable even for long trips. The instrument cluster is fully digital, ranging from 7 to 12 inches. The infotainment screen is also 7 or 10 inches. All driver assistance systems are present, including automatic emergency braking, cruise control, lane keeping, and a rearview camera. capacity Mocha 310 liters, which is quite a bit for a family. Precisely for this reason, the crossover is more suitable for an SUV.

Opel Mokka – MondoFuoristrada.it

there Mocha It is available in four configurations: Edition, Elegance, GS Line and Ultimae. Among the advantages of the car there is certainly controllability, it has good road holding. Noise from outside is well filtered and not annoying. Among the engines chosen, a 131-horsepower engine and an electric motor are especially recommended, even if all the available engines guarantee a good performance.

Among the negatives, however, is the lack of flexibility especially in case you have to go over holes or steep terrain. orders Air conditioning system It could be improved and made more ergonomic, and the slots are not organized in the best way. Due to the smaller size of the windows, the car appears less bright than others, and does not benefit from much natural light. However, it is a real gem that is already enjoying great success among enthusiasts. The base price for this model is 24,000 euros.


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