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Only under 15s win –

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Italian Women’s Serie A

HC Girls Project Aosta – HC Icebears Dobbiaco 0-6 A memorable game for girls coach Giovinazzo. Only the usual Sarah Bailey, with a performance of her own, limited damage with only one conceded target. The change of goalkeeper, linked to the fatigue of the athletes on the field, and perhaps a little desperation on the part of the hosts, makes a little negativity indigestible. The girls’ dip is also shown in the number of shots awarded in the third shot (24) too much at once. Black Saturday, but that can happen.

Under 17 years old HC Aosta Gladiators – Asiago 11-2

The result leaves no doubt. The terrible men of coach Giovinazzo continue the victory march by closing the first round unbeaten. Regression match (the scoring was opened only 29 seconds later by Movchan, who will also be the scorer of the last goal), safe from Gisomaría’s hat-trick and goals from Linta, Luca Turcio, De Santi, Madashi and Sokitsky.

IHL I Division HC Chiavenna – HC Aosta Gladiators 2-1

A heroic result for the boys led to the occasion by coach Centuri who played in Switzerland, in Vicosoprano a few kilometers from the border, given the unavailability of the Chiavina ice rink. Heroic for the extraordinary evening of Julie Montaigne, who managed to stop 42 of the 44 hosts’ pitches.

The match report sees one goal at a time and only in 51st is the goal of the wrestler signed by Gianni. The last effect of the wrestlers in the last 70 seconds played without a goalkeeper, does not carry the necessary results, if not to shake the legs of nearly 200 spectators from home. Among the ranks of the Ostani defender, Rossi returns to the ice, in the first match of the season.

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Under 19 HC Trento – HC Aosta Gladiators 3-3 (suspension)

An electrical failure at the Palazzetto di Pergine puts an end to a match that, on the other hand, saw a lot of electricity on the ice. For every advantage of Trento, Ostans has always responded with a draw, achieved in numerical superiority, proving that the power game designed, tested and orchestrated by coach Giovinazzo is the best in Italy. In the series 1-0 Trento and tied again by Minetti (assist Gisomaria), 2-1 Trento and tied again by Minetti (assist Gisomaria). 3-2 Trento and one more draw by Carboni (Gisomaria pass). In between the second and third time, the blackout stops and the match is postponed to a later date.

Under 15 HC Como – HC Aosta Gladiators 2-8

The boys arrive at the lake with concentration, to avoid going through moments of stress like last week, when a simple match made them suffer excessively. Terranova opens the scoring on the seventh (after playing the night before at under 17). Pizzagalli doubles after one minute. The second half is a little more balanced, as Larian managed to score two goals, but Piko (2) and Terranova goals again allow the Austans to stretch. The third time the training ends with another double from Pico and a goal from Luca Terranova, who scored at the weekend in two different categories.

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