December 9, 2023

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Chiariello editorial: “We didn’t see the usual good football for Spalletti, but today it was important to win”

In the context of “Campania Sport” day Channel 21journalist Umberto Chiariello He commented in his editorial in Napoli’s derby victory over Salernitana:Victoria is not ole, because the victory in this case does not smell like money, which often has dubious origins. There are games like this, in which you win but you are not convinced. What matters is the win back, we’ve seen beautiful football with Spalletti a few times but not today. A team contracted some ideas and was concerned about Arechi’s environment. The Colantuono team has put it all together in terms of determination and fighting ability to avoid giving up on a much stronger team. Salernitana did what she could, zero shots on goal. Except for Galileo’s last chance and a free kick from Ribery, he produced almost nothing, defending the fort with strength. Napoli got two points in the first twenty minutes, but then they didn’t know how to deal with it. A play by one of the most technical players, and one of the most escaped in recent times, was enough. Zielinski found the winning ball even with the complicity of humble goalkeeper Belec.

There is a crazy race at the top. Juventus collapsed completely, in the second defeat in a row, and sank yesterday in front of the Simeone double. There is a crisis of fickle proportions from Allegri and his team that no one could have imagined. But there is Inter running today after a terrible first half on the wing of Korea. Now we will see what happens in the derby, and after the break he will meet with Napoli. Before the break, Napoli, in which Verona is at home, has the opportunity to stretch ahead of the incredible course.

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Today there was no Osimhen, replaced by Mertens who was not in tolerable condition, that’s a problem considering January. In fact, the real problem for Napoli is not now, but it will happen between January and February when the backbone of the entire team is missing. Insigne was forced to rest and felt his absence often. Overall, Spalletti’s choices and changes paid off, and Petagna’s entry was decisive. He provided a lot of physical strength in the area and the goal was born from his physical presence in the penalty area. Today by intimidation or enthusiasm he won the victory, he let his captain rest and did not risk Osmen.

In my opinion, in Salerno, they should be happy because the team is known to be poor, but combative. In this ranking list, with so many teams struggling to score points, it’s essential to be hooked into the hot zone in December in order to have a good January transfer campaign. This is Salernitana, with such a fighting spirit, she can tell her her opinion from now until December. Bombshell fans should know they have a team that doesn’t give up now“.