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«One thing I did when I was younger, sex toy fail» –

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A case that has become an obsession is finally solved by a journalist from… BBC. Martin Vik Magnussen Family, Killed in London in 2008 at the age of 23, He will probably never get justice, just as the young woman’s killer is likely never to be prosecuted: Thanks to the investigations of journalist Nawal Al-Maqafi, the truth is closer today.

The killing of the promising Norwegian student – who was in London to attend a course at Cairo University Regent’s Business School in London And he dreamed of working in the city’s finances – he went so far as Queen Elizabeth. In 2010, in fact, the father of the little girl, Odd Petter, wrote to the Sovereign asking for her intervention in resolving an international dispute: the first suspect, a fellow student of Martine, Farouk Abdul Haq fled to Yemen Immediately after the death of the woman. There he became untouchable: he could not be questioned or handed over. The King had reported the case to the then Mayor of London, former Prime Minister Boris Johnson. From the British government Magnussen Over the years she has received the promise of attention twelve times: in the end, where politics have failed, an enterprising journalist has succeeded.

It was precisely the case of Martín that prompted Quesmas to pay attention to the press: when the girl came Found lifeless under garbage bags near the cellar door theIn a central London streetNawal was also a student. He also came from Yemen as the alleged killer. Three years later, Nawal made her debut in The Story of the Young Norwegian, dealing with The Story of the Young Norwegian BBC. I have tried to connect in every way Abdul Haq is the son of a very wealthy businessman, but without success. The turning point came last year, thanks to social media. The reporter was able to communicate with Abdul Haq via Snapchat.

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He won his trust little by little: he told him about his childhood in the Yemeni neighborhood where he lives now, alone, abandoned by his ex-wife and daughter, the white weeks he spent like him in Switzerland, and the studies he conducted in international schools. here suddenly recognition. “One thing I did when I was younger, it was wrong.” “Accident – explanation – a sex game that ended tragically”, a version not supported by an autopsy, according to which Martine, who had 43 wounds on her body, may have been strangled. How did he come to kill her? “I don’t remember exactly what happened.”

Both of them, he said, used cocaine. They come back to his house after a party at a very trendy club, the Maddox’s. Martine often stayed at Farouk’s house because it was very close to the university. CCTV footage shows them walking by the arm at 3am. “It’s all very confusing.” And again: “Some images come to my mind. When I smell a certain women’s perfume, I feel bad.”

The next morning, they don’t show up for class: the friends become suspicious when they see that Farouk has deleted his Facebook profile. He had fled immediately: apparently on the advice of his father, Shaher Abdul HaqHe was a very rich and very powerful man at the time, a friend of the then President of Yemen, Ali Abullah Saleh, took the first flight to Cairo where he was joined by the family’s private plane and they flew home. He would like to stay in London and confess, One of Farouk’s friends confirmed it to the journalist, who made a documentary and podcast about the case, but instead ran away, making Magnussen’s pain infinitely more.

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