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The oldest person in the world died. Lucille Randon was 118 years old –

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The Perennial French Nun was born before the Great War. After the death of the Japanese, Ken Tanaka received the title of Dean of Humanity

The oldest person in the world died. the nun Lucille Randon She died at the age of 118 years and 340 days. His spokesman announced the news. A nun of Ales who died in her sleep, during the night, in the House of Rest in Toulon where she lived. Randon, known to all as Sister AndreBorn in the south of France onFebruary 11, 1904when the First World War was still a decade away.

Sister Andre inherited the title of Dean of Humanity in April 2022 after the death of Ken Tanaka, a Japanese woman who has reached the age of 119. On February 8, 2021, he passed COVID-19He is thus also the oldest person ever to have been cured of the disease, following an outbreak in the facility where he was living. His parents, Paul and Alphonsine, were born respectively in 1866 and 1869, while his twin sister Lady died just a year later, tragically on August 4, 1905. At the age of 19 Randon converted to Catholicism and embarked on a novitiate path to follow. year, when the sisters took the name Andrei. She was in the hospital for 28 years, before dedicating herself to serving in the nursing home. In 2009, now 105 years old, she went to live permanently in a rest home, The Work Saint Catherine from Toulon.

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