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One Piece Red: Here’s the plot of the movie

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The plot of One Piece Red, the new movie based on the manga by Eiichiro Oda, was released on August 6 in Japan.

One Piece Red was released for a few days in Japanese cinemas, establishing itself as the second highest grossing film in Japanese history in the first weekend of the show. M.What is the red plot? What, exactly, will we see when he arrives in Italy? We leave it here:

Red One Piece: The plot

Uta intends to create a way in which everyone is happy and no one is forced to suffer, so he organizes a huge concert and invites everyone to his live show. During the concert, which was sent live around the world, thanks to its demonic fruits, Uta was able to imprison everyone in a virtual way that she completely controls. The only way to stop this kind of “spell” is for Ota to fall asleep. Otherwise, people will be locked in virtual reality forever.

Yuta’s intention is to take her life in the real world, so that she and the people will remain forever in the other world. To kill herself, she eats a mushroom that prevents her from sleeping. Unfortunately this fruit, before killing her, makes her lose control, which for a moment drives her crazy. Meanwhile, the World Government learned about this plan and wanted to try to stop it, so they sent CP agents, Coby and Helmeppo, as well as some ships.

After eating mushrooms, Uta falls prey to madness and also attacks a celestial dragon trying to catch her. People trapped in the virtual world led by Kobe are trying to find a way to stop her. Coby contacts Nico Robin and the Straw Hat crew to find a way to break the spell from within.

It turns out that the only way to do this is to awaken an ancient monster that connects the two worlds, but the problem is that the monster must be defeated both in reality and in imagination.

The Gorosei is very worried about what is happening, Ota is holding a large part of the population hostage, and they think that Shanks is the one who should stop her.

Shanks arrives on the island to put an end to his plan. Uta tries to stop them, manipulating some people to attack them. Shanks and his crew realize that the Navy is also there and that they are responding to attacks and killings of innocent citizens. Uta and Shanks start to get angry. Uta loses control, and summons the ancient monster to put an end to it all.

From now on, there is a fight in both worlds: on the one hand we have Mugiwara with Law and other characters such as Oven, Brulée, etc., etc.; On the other side is Shanks’ crew with the Marines and Katakuri. The goal is to find a way to synchronize the attacks so as to defeat the monster on both sides. Katakuri says she can call Brulèe thanks to her observing Haki, but she only succeeds for a few seconds. Thanks to this, they understand how to behave.

Usopp manages to use the note Haki and communicates with Yasopp, a father and son, to show the others how to proceed in the fight. Everyone is attacking as a group, but the last blow is dealt by Luffy in Gear 5 and Shanks on the other hand.

The monster has been shot down, but it seems too late: Ota is about to die, and everyone is in danger of staying in the virtual world forever.

Shanks gives Uta medicine to sleep, but Uta must wake everyone up before it’s too late. Utah frees imprisoned people, but it costs them their lives.

The Marines approach Ota thinking his strength is too dangerous, but Shanks keeps them away thanks to King Haki, and the Marine retires because she has no intention of starting a war with Red.

At the end of the movie, everyone is free, Shanks and his crew take Ota away, while Mugiwara leaves the island. Luffy wakes up to Sunny and doesn’t remember anything about what happened.

When will One Piece Red be released in Italy?

At the moment, there’s no exact date, but One Piece Red shouldn’t arrive in Italy later this November, also because the movie will be showing at Lucca Comics and Games, scheduled for October 28-November 1.

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piece It is a manga written and drawn by Eiichirō Odaserialized in the Japanese magazine Sheisha Weekly Shōnen Jump From July 19, 1997. The publishing house also periodically collects chapters in tankōbon volumes, the first of which was published on December 24. The Italian edition was edited by Star Comics, which began publishing it in books corresponding to the Japanese volumes on July 1, 2001.

The story follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy, a boy whose body acquired the properties of rubber after inadvertently eating the Gomu Gomu Devil Fruit. Gathering the crew around, Luffy explores the Grand Line in search of the legendary One Piece treasure and pursues the dream of becoming the new Pirate King.

One Piece has been adapted into an anime television series, produced by Toei Animation It aired in Japan on Fuji TV from 20 October 1999. The Italian version was published by Merak Film and aired on Italia 1 from 5 November 2001 and then continued on Italia 2 in 2012; Initially titled Boarding!Several naming changes have been made to the series over the seasons, in order to stabilize the original piece.

Toei Animation has also produced 11 TV specials, 13 anime films, 2 3D short films, ONA and OAV. Several companies have pulled in merchandise of various genres, such as soundtracks, video games, and games.

One Piece has enjoyed extraordinary success. Several volumes of manga broke sales and records for initial run in Japan. With a circulation of three hundred million copies as of 2014, Action is the best-selling manga in the world. On June 15, 2015, it was also entered into the Guinness Book of Records as a single author drawn comic series with the most copies published: over 320 million.

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