December 11, 2023

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John Carpenter reveals his addiction to Fallout 76 and how Dead Space would be a great movie –

John Carpenter reveals his addiction to Fallout 76 and how Dead Space would be a great movie –

In an interview with The AV Club, the great director John Carpenter He revealed that he is addicted to fallout 76 and see in dead space The perfect subject for a great movie he loves to shoot. As those who follow it know, the director of Fog, 1997 Escape from New York, The Thing and Halloween, among his many masterpieces, is also an avid gamer. Among the titles that most fascinated him, in recent years, Bethesda’s MMO stands out:

“I’ve been addicted to Fallout 76. I’ve been addicted for a long time now. I know it had bugs when it came out and many of them have been fixed, but I think it’s great. It’s really fun to play.” The master said, citing Borderlands and Horizon Forbidden West among other games that have taken it over.

John Carpenter’s photo

Looks like a carpenter loves games open worldwhere you have to explore: “I enjoy it. You’re free to rotate and do things your way. That’s what I love about Fallout. There are patterns to follow, and there are missions, but you can do them differently. Developer Editor) Keep releasing new missions and new ideas” .

After he was advised to play Elden Ring, the interviewer asked him if he would like to write the soundtrack for a video game. Carpenter replied that he would gladly do so, but also that no one asked him.

Finally, the interview returned to the cinema, with the reporter asking Carpenter if he’d like to turn a video game into a movie: “The only thing that comes to mind, and I mentioned it earlier, is Dead Space. It’s going to be a really great movie. I can do it.” Of course it’s just a wish and there’s nothing concrete behind it, but how can you not get excited about the idea of ​​Carpenter’s Dead Space?

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The video game portion of the interview ends with Carpenter talking about how video games are an important part of his life and the joints he smokes every time he gets great results.