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One hundred liras, if you still keep it, you will have 200,000 euros in your pocket

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100 Minerva Lira from 1954 with the inscription “Prova”: If you keep this coin, you are rich. You can sell it back and buy a villa worth €200,000 to us.

Rare lira wind coin –

Numismatic collectors and connoisseurs are always on the lookout for the rarest and most expensive coins. Buying or keeping some coins at home or in your safe deposit box is a real investment and an opportunity to earn. Not everyone is aware of this.

For this, you should pay close attention to the coins that are in some of the drawers of your house. there 100 lira coin Which may be of value €200,000. You can keep it at home in some drawers and not know that it is real wealth. It is worth 200 thousand euros and you can buy a villa.

A hundred lira: That’s what it could be worth. A real fortune!

It’s old 100 lira coin And you might be next lucky. It is a coin that represents childhood memory, but it may represent real wealth for its holder.

We often find some coins or metal legacies hidden in some drawers or wallet, but we don’t realize that it could be a real money-making opportunity.

100 lira coin
100 lira coin 1954 written proof –

The coin market holds many surprises since minting errors Escaped from the delicate control of mint can make a difference and the happiness of some lucky ones.

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Many collectors and numismatists are looking for a rare and precious coin: we are talking about it 100 Minerva liras from 1954 in Akmonital with the word “test”. There are very few coins in circulation and they are classified as “Rare R3”.

What do the 100 lira coins of Minerva look like? On the obverse there is an Italian head crowned with laurel and the signatures of Romagnoli and Giampaoli INC. In addition, the coin has the inscription ITALIAN REPVBBLICA. On the other side of the coin is a drawing of the goddess Minerva reaching out towards a laurel tree and holding a spear.

One Hundred Lira Minerva: What is the value of this coin?

Minerva 100 lira coin from 1954 with Written exam” It has a value close to me €200,000 If it is in perfect condition. About there are very few pieces. For those who are lucky enough to keep this coin in perfect condition (the “Uncirculated Fabulous”), they can resell it and buy a villa. Its price is about two hundred thousand euros.

100 lira coin
100 lira coin 1954 written proof –

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