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Mercedes, a complete revolution in compact SUVs: they are going to completely change the bet on risky

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Mercedes OK – (motorzoom)

A truly revolutionary motorcycle is, in the world of motors, always possible: because, even when you think all is said and done, here comes Mercedes, with its new SUV. that by saying?

vehicles creativeBeautiful, practical, And above all compact: this is how, even simple in its innovative safety and reliability, through which Mercedes Still launch glove from challenge.

It should be especially useful and beneficial to whom and how Mercedes For decades and decades, it is still able to stun the market by changing i semantics of integers Slices to sale.

Although some General recession because of the situation economic globally, despite the currently evident states of stability and uniformity that it enjoys production Settle down, there is always a file margin to innovation.

And Mercedes Almost makes one with i Compact SUV: How will they change? For some, this is an ambitious challenge, even with a high level of motivation risk. But you know who doesn’t take risks…

Mercedes’ new SUV strategy

It is inevitable that in the desire to give a new image, dress with a strong influence on the new SUV compact, there Mercedes-AMG They could and should have considered an all-out turmoil.

Mercedes-1 Motorzoom

So a new stage opens in this sense, with a new era of Mercedes SUV Which presents itself as innovative even from the first images, as well as on a simple level Motors. that by saying?

A new generation that already stands out with the AMG logo and front headlights, and not only, designed to ensure that even the first impact has a new taste.

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Power and reliability, then, are on the horizon. power Two hundred twenty-five kilowatts (306 hp) from a 2-liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine that allows you to make the most of the evenness in the 4 wheels through exchange AMG extension High performance.

Revolutionary SUV: The Mercedes Project

Experienced driving experiences with stability, strength, safety and interior comfort. Which can also breathe indoors thanks to the new design ideas of cockpit. that by saying?


Steering wheel AMG extension Great flexibility and comfort you enjoy buttons intuitivetechnically advanced, and with a Bright screen It is also very intuitive.

Without taking your hands off the steering wheel, you can start it software and sensors Completely secure control and management solutions. a Information and entertainment, insane, complete and perfectly manageable with no distractions and utter road-going satisfaction. The future, then, has already arrived Mercedes.

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