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On the ship are 3,965 cars worth 356 million

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On board the Felicity Ace cargo ship are 3,965 Volkswagen, Porsche, Audi, Lamborghini and Bentley models bound for the US market: Flames, no oil spills, but the value of the cars involved in the accident is high

Lorenzo Pastoglia


February 26

More updates arrive at Felicity Ace, the cargo ship that caught fire due to a fire that broke out in its waiting area on Wednesday 16 February near the Portuguese Antilles, specifically southwest of Faial Island, around 11:30 local time (13:30 Italian ), with nearly 4,000 vehicles on board, most of the Volkswagen Group is destined for the US market. Several days after the boat caught fire and was still on the high seas – it was heading to the port of Davisville, Rhode Island (northeastern USA), only to be immediately abandoned by 22 crew members, who were rescued by the ship’s crew. Emergency intervention of the Portuguese Navy and Air Force – On February 22, the firefighting operations began which ended the next day thanks to the intervention of local rescue teams and two large tugboats arrived from Gibraltar.

There are 3965 vehicles on the ship, no oil leaks

In the latest update on February 25 for the Mitsui USC Line (Mall), or the Japanese company that owns Felicity Ice – “The smoke had stopped spreading for several days after the fire broke out, and there was no oil spill. and the Dian Kingdom, with the rescue ship VB Hispanic.” The memo concluded that a solution would soon be found to place the vehicle in safety between Mall, working teams and local authorities. In the end, inside the Felicity Ace, there are not only 2,500 cars as they were leaked after the accident, but 3,965 cars of the brands Volkswagen, Porsche, Audi, Lamborghini and Bentley, intended for American buyers.

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First Damage Estimates

There is a great deal of concern from Volkswagen, and if there is currently no official status for the cars that were destroyed in the fire, “we fear that a significant number of them, on board, will not be able to be delivered to our customers,” the company wrote through a press release from Europe Car News. According to internal estimates, the fire could cost the German company $155 million (137.50 million euros) in damages, while buyers have already been notified through buying dealers, with “the damage – explains Volkswagen – that will be covered by our insurance”. This week, further assessments came from the Russell Group – a network of 24 British universities, two-thirds funded by the UK – which Bloomberg She spoke of an onboard car value of about $401 million (about 356 million euros), just under the estimated total of $438 million (€388.55 million) of cargo that Felicity ACE was bringing to the United States.

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