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Germany Daytrofont, Long Life Heat Resistant – Mondo Auto

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European Commission proposal to stop the sale of cars with heat engines Starting in 2035 It was well received by many member states, despite skepticism from the chief executives of many car manufacturers. However, so far, there are many countries that are preparing to change their mind: the last in chronological order to implement this turn around It was Germany that was definitely promising to bet on electricity but also on internal combustion engines too on the inauspicious deadline of 2035.

“We want to allow internal combustion engines after 2035, but only if they can only run on synthetic fuels – said Volker Wessing, Germany’s Minister of Transport, at the conclusion of an informal summit with his European colleagues – We don’t have enough electric cars today. We need to increase its availability. So it is better for people to turn to hybrid technology as an intermediary solution. For the future, We can’t just focus on electric mobility or hydrogen. We need to maintain a neutral technology approach.” Easily understandable words: the future of Germany’s automotive sector cannot be reduced only to an electric solution, internal combustion engines will continue to play a leading role even after the middle of the next decade, clearly in a sustainable key that is guaranteed renewable fuel On which more and more car manufacturers focus, Audi and Lamborghini above all.

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