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On New Year's Eve at the movies, Wonka, Pio and Amedeo win third place – the final hour

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It is Timothée Chalamet with the fictional Wonka that dominates the Italian takeovers also in the last weekend of 2023 with 1 million 943 thousand 301 euros. It is followed closely by the Disney Christmas movie, Wish, which grossed 1,902,447. In third place is this week's new entry, How can a rock, a film by Gennaro Nunziante with Pio and Amedeo that was a huge success during four days of programming. A large sum of 1 million 224 thousand 363 euros. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom fell from third to fourth place (1,071,552) while this year's record film, Paola Cortellisi's There's Still Tomorrow, rose to fifth place again this weekend, taking 900,000 €278, reaching To a total of 32 million 959 thousand 528. Already on December 28, the film surpassed the phenomenon Barbie, directed by Greta Gerwig, which was at the top of 2023 with 32 million 122 thousand euros, and now we are well beyond that. Another Italian film in sixth place, Ficarra and Picone's Santocielo, instead dropped from second place last week (788,578).

Ferrari also fell from fifth to seventh place (514,359).

The result worth highlighting is the result of the Christmas holiday event which, on the occasion of the film's 40th anniversary, secured in two days of programming eighth place with 486 thousand 192 euros. In ninth place we find One Life (465,728), in tenth place Foglie al vento. Another Italian, in thirteenth place, for Sollima's Adagio with an excellent cast. Total revenue for this second weekend exceeded €10.4 million, which is a slight drop compared to last year but certainly better than Christmas 2023.

This is according to Cinetel box office data from December 28-31.

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